Renault Is Currently Leading EV Sales In Europe

Who’d have thought that out of all the EV manufacturers out there, it would be Renault that is heading the EV sales chart in Europe.

When mentioning EVs, one might naturally think of the much talked-about EV marques like Tesla or Polestar. Alternately, one might also be thinking of the increasing number of big brands that are churning out EVs like butter these days. 

So it might therefore come as a surprise to more than a few then that, in Europe at least, the sales leader in this rapidly growing segment of the auto industry is actually Renault. 

Yes, it is the French automaker that is currently leading the European EV market sales, with a staggering 98,985 EVs sold to date at the end of November 2020. Even more impressively however is the fact that this figure marks an 80% increase in registrations for the brand as compared to last year. 

Accounting for nearly 85% of this impressive EV sales figure for Renault is its ZOE all-electric supermini. Doubling in sales as compared to last year, over 84,000 of these French EV hatchbacks have been sold since the beginning of this year. Thereby contributing to further to the more than 268,000 ZOEs that have made it on the road in Europe since its launch eight years ago in 2012. 

Currently in its third iteration, these healthy sales figure for this year to date has helped the Zoe retain the top spot for the most number of electric passenger cars sold in Europe. More specifically too, this Renault electric hatchback is the leading EV on sale in countries like Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal and of course, its home-country of France. 

On the commercial front meanwhile, another sales accolade in the EV sector for Renault is that its Kangoo Z.E is still the best selling electric light commercial vehicle (LCV), a title which it has held since its launch in 2010. According to Renault, 8,498 of these all-electric vans were sold within the first 9 months of the year. 

While it might pale in comparison to the Zoe, this sales figure actually translates to the fact that that almost one in three of every LCV EVs sold is a Kangoo Z.E. Moreover, this near 8.5k sales figure adds to the the considerable tally of 57,595 all-electric Renault vans that have been sold over the last 10 years. 

Other Renault EV models that are worth highlighting include the Twizy quadricycle, which has since sold over 31,000 units despite the fact it has no side windows.

As for what the future holds for Renault in terms of EVs, the French automaker seems to already major electrification plans on the horizon. Most notably of which is the upcoming launch of an all-electric C-segment car that is to be based of the Megane eVision concept car. 

In terms of Malaysia-centric Renault EV news however, there has yet been any word from TC Euro Cars on the possibility of any of these current range of popular French EVs ever seeing official distribution locally. Saying that, with its alliance partner Nissan having found a moderate level of commercial success with the LEAF in Malaysia, perhaps this next Renault EV might actually see the light of day here in the future. 

PRESS RELEASE: Pioneer in electric mobility, Renault is leading the European EV market sales with 95,985 units sold year-to-date to end November 2020. Compared to last year, this figure represents an 80% increase in registrations. It demonstrates the relevance of Renault’s EV range towards a large variety of customer needs. 

The third generation ZOE (launched in 2019), with its new design and features, clearly sets the benchmark in terms of range, versatility & efficiency in its category. ZOE remains the number 1 most sold electric passenger car in Europe. More than 84,000 Zoe have been sold since January 2020, almost the double compared to 2019 (YTD January to end November). ZOE is thus the leading electric car in major countries like France, Germany, Italy, Spain or Portugal. More than 268,000 ZOE have been sold in Europe since its launch. 

Kangoo Z.E. remains the most sold electric LCV since 2010. 8,498 Kangoo Z.E. were registered year-to-date to end November 2020 representing, almost one LCV EV sold in three. 57,595 Kangoo Z.E. have been sold in Europe since 2010. 

Freshly launched, the new Twingo Electric sets a new reference for A-segment electric vehicles with 1,760 registrations in Europe. Thanks to its agility, modularity and 190km WLTP range (up to 270 km WLTP City range), Twingo Electric is the best companion for the daily commute. 

“Despite the sanitary situation, sales of electric vehicles in Europe remain very dynamic with growth rates of around 70 to 80% in the main European markets. EV sales now account for around 5% of the total market. More than 84,000 ZOE have been sold since January 2020, doubling the volume compared to 2019. The two main markets are France with 33,000 units and Germany, where more than 25,000 ZOE were sold. Throughout its evolutions, ZOE has been praised for its versatility and its best-in-class range, making it the most sold electric car in Europe year-to-date in November 2020”, says Gilles Normand, SVP Electric Vehicles & Mobility Services 

The full electric range of Renault also includes Twizy with more than 31,000 units sold and the Master Z.E. a van offering up to 3.5 Tons payload. Thanks to its EV expertise, Renault recently showed the next chapter of its electric range: Megane eVision. Based on the Alliance CMF-EV platform, the production car arising from Megane eVision will be Renault’s answer for an electric C-segment car. Along with its fully electric range, Renault offers a complementary offer of hybrid & plug-in hybrid versions on its bestsellers (Clio, Captur & Megane) and on new coming vehicles with Arkana. 

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