All-New 3rd Gen Renault Kangoo and Express Vans Debut

A brace of modern vans have recently been unveiled by Renault. 

It is not often that the van world has noteworthy news, though today may prove to be an exception as Renault has recently announced the unveiling of its all-new Kangoo and Express range of vans to the market.

Available in both light commercial and passenger variants, these new brace of vans, according to the French automaker, is supposedly set to ‘revolutionise the van and combispace segment’ when it arrives early next year. 

To those who are not familiar with the intimate details of this oft-overlooked segment in the market, the Kangoo is a relatively big player in the van market globally. Having sold over 4 million units over its two generations and across the 23 years it has been in production. Some of these have even made it to Malaysia, seen usually in its passenger van variant. 

In its third iteration here, this all new Kangoo brings with it a much needed redesign both inside and out, to bring it up to modern day standards from its last major refresh some 7 years ago. To that end then, on the design front at least, the upcoming Kangoo features a more muscular exterior aesthetic. 

Up front, this new van follows on from the current Renault corporate front end design, with a large diamond front and centre flanked by purposeful looking head light clusters. Sleeker tail lights are also featured on the rear to smarten up the rear of the Kangoo. Though perhaps the most innovative exterior change is the lack of a B-pillar between the front and sliding side door on the passenger side of the van. 

Termed Easy Side Access by Renault, the removal of the central pillar means that the Kangoo can claim the widest side access on the market. At 1,416 mm in width, more than double that of the previous Kangoo, this innovation allows easy access to the cargo in the load bay, regardless of parking constraints. 

While on the topic of innovation, the French automaker is also particularly proud of its Easy Side Rack. Which apparently is a retractable interior gallery that allows long and voluminous objects to be transported high, freeing up floor space. 

Sticking with the interior, this redesigned Kangoo unsurprisingly features a completely redesigned cabin. The highlights of which will be the modern-look dashboard layout with Renault’s EASY LINK multimedia system and the redesigned seats that apparently ‘bring more comfort and durability’. 

Modern technology from the car world too have made it into this new van, with the Kangoo coming with Permanent Rear View digital interior mirror. A host of active driver aids are also present on this French Van, such as Trailer Swing Assist, Brake Stability Control and AEBS Advanced Emergency Active Braking.

Two variants of the Kangoo will be offered, a standard version with between 3.3 and 3.9 m³ of useful cargo volume, and a long version with 4.2 to 4.9 m³ of load space. Thus far, engine details have yet to be confirmed but a myriad of petrol and diesel powertrains mated to both automatic and manual transmissions look to be on the cards. An all-electric version in the form of the Renault Kangoo ZE is also to be available, with Renault aiming to electrify their entire van lineup by 2022. 

Speaking of Renault’s commercial lineup, another van launched simultaneously is the Renault Express. Essentially a rebadged Dacia Dokker, the Express is meant to be the entry-level, affordable version of the Kangoo. 

Looking much the same as the Kangoo, the Express does lose some safety features and creature comforts over its posher brethren. Nevertheless, it still offers a loading volume of between 3.3 and 3.7 m³, which comes with five real seats due to it being aimed mostly at at entrepreneurs for mixed use. 

The Kangoo is to roll of the production line in Renault’s Maubeuge factory in France, whereas the Express is to be manufactured in the Renault factory in Tangier, Morocco. No word thus far on whether either these vans will make it to Malaysia, but seeing the rather stale van market locally, there might be a demand for these French cargo-haulers. If TC Euro Cars can bring it in at an attractive enough price that is. 

PRESS RELEASE: To meet all its customers’ needs, Renault is unveiling the All-new Kangoo and the All-new Express, each available in both LCV and passenger car versions. This complementary range of four vehicles will be presented and marketed from spring 2021.

Renault is once again revolutionizing the van and combispace segment with the All-new Kangoo and the All-new Express. These new complementary models meet the diverse needs of professionals and individuals. With over 4 million units sold since 1997, Kangoo is an iconic vehicle. Renault creates a surprise with the Easy Side Access innovation on the All-new Kangoo Van to facilitate side loading. The All-new Kangoo Van and Kangoo will both be offered in an electric version, to meet the challenges of urban mobility. 

– Mark Sutcliffe, SVP, Alliance LCV Business Unit.

The All-new Kangoo Van, the innovative van with an athletic and dynamic style, is mainly aimed at fleets, craftsmen and traders, in search of a tailor-made vehicle for professionals, equipped with the latest technologies.

With its major innovation Easy Side Access and Easy Inside Rack, the All-new Kangoo Van revolutionizes loading and access:

  • Easy Side Access: Particularly convenient in city centres, this innovation allows customers to easily access their loads, regardless of parking constraints. By erasing the central pillar, the All-new Kangoo Van offers the widest side access on the market with 1,416 mm (twice the size of its previous version).
  • Easy Inside Rack: This retractable interior gallery is another innovation that allows long and voluminous objects to be transported high, freeing up floor space.

The All-new Kangoo Van stands out with a more muscular exterior design. The front end has been completely redesigned with a chrome line between the grille and the front bumper. Featuring sculpted sides and marked shoulders, the All-new Kangoo Van goes upmarket thanks to its sophisticated finishes and chrome inserts. Its brand-new interior offers a horizontal dashboard with numerous storage spaces. The new, completely redesigned, seats bring more comfort and durability.

The All-new Kangoo Van features the Renault EASY LINK multimedia system and new driving aids including the Permanent Rear View digital interior mirror. This new approved system provides excellent rear visibility, convenient on bulkhead vehicles. Other new features include Trailer Swing Assist, Brake Stability Control and AEBS Advanced Emergency Active Braking.

The All-new Kangoo Van offers an unrivalled variety of body sizes and engines. It will be available in two lengths and offered, with manual and automatic transmission, in diesel, petrol and electric versions. Its useful volume ranges from 3.3 to 3.9 m³ in the standard version and from 4.2 to 4.9 m³ in the long version.

The All-new Kangoo, an elegant and spacious combispace with five real seats, perfectly meets the needs of dynamic families and tribes with a redesigned look, more comfort and equipment and new driving aids. It retains all its clever modular features, which are also popular with professional customers (administrations, local authorities and associations).

The All-new Kangoo Van and the All-new Kangoo will be produced in the Renault’s Maubeuge factory in France.

The All-new Express Van, the practical and efficient van, is intended for young entrepreneurs and small fleets, looking for the best price/benefit ratio, meeting their basic needs.

The All-new Express Van displays the Renault brand’s stylistic codes, expressing robustness and modernity. Equipped with reinforced seats, the new interior brings quality and comfort on board. Particular attention has been paid to storage spaces and ergonomics. It offers the best storage level in its category (48 litres) and a loading volume from 3.3 to 3.7 m³.

The All-new Express Van features Renault EASY LINK multimedia system and is equipped with driving aids such as the Rear-View Assist, Blind Spot Warning, Front & Rear Park Assist without forgetting the Wide View Mirror.

The All-new Express, the versatile and economical combispace, offers five real seats and a large load volume. It is aimed at entrepreneurs for mixed use (professional and family) but also at craftsmen and tradesmen.

The All-new Express Van and the All-new Express will be produced in the Renault factory in Tangier, Morocco.

The All-new Kangoo Van and The All-new Express Van: the strength of Renault Pro+ for professionals

  • As an expert in the LCV market for more than 120 years, Renault puts all its know-how at the service of professionals by offering, with the Renault Pro+ brand, customised LCVs and services and a dedicated network of 650 outlets worldwide.
  • Renault has been the European leader in vans and minivans since 1998 for the 21st consecutive year.
  • Renault is also the pioneer and leader in electric LCVs in Europe for the 9th consecutive year, with nearly one in two electric LCV sold. Since 2011, Kangoo Z.E. is the best-selling electric LCV in Europe with more than 50,000 Kangoo Z.E. sold to date.
  • Renault will electrify its entire range of vans and minivans by 2022.

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