Honda Malaysia Debuts Its New Car Pre-Booking Online Site

Prospective Honda buyers can now pre-book their new cars online for just RM 99. 

Online shopping has been booming in recent years, especially during these pandemic times. However it is not just Lazada and Shopee within the online retail sphere anymore, as automakers are getting in on the act too. The latest of which is Honda Malaysia with the recent launch of its New Car Pre-Booking Online Platform. 

Launching first Honda Malaysia’s official website with a rollout on the new HondaTouch smartphone app early next year, all it takes is now is four easy steps and a small fee of only RM 99 to secure a new Honda. Thus meaning that prospective buyers can now pre-book a new Honda from the comfort of wherever they are today really, as long as they have a stable internet connection that is.

The first of the four steps involves the selection of a participating preferred dealership of one’s choosing. Then comes the Honda model that one wishes to pre-book, along with the variant, colour and optional accessories. 

Upon reviewing the details selected, a pre-booking payment of RM 99 will have to be made. After that is done, a confirmation e-mail will then be sent and a sales adviser from the dealership will be in contact within 72 hours to proceed on the actual purchase process of the vehicle. 

According to the Japanese automaker, there are also other useful shopping tools available like a loan calculator, model comparisons and Honda Insurance Plus to further make the online car booking experience a breeze. There is even a ‘Track My Pre-Booking’ feature so that eager customers can monitor the status of their pre-bookings. 

With Honda being the latest big name automaker to dip its toes into the online retail sector, it shouldn’t be long now before other automakers locally follow suit with this switch to having a larger online retail presence. Especially with everyone being warned to stay at home as much as possible these days, going online is just a more convenient and safer way to buy a new car in these pandemic times. 

Then again, perhaps it is just me but there is still some charm in going to the dealership to actually have a feel for the metal and interacting to the nice salespeople to book the car then. Considering that the later steps like the test drive and the actual booking itself still require a visit to the dealership, why not just start from there in the first place and save yourself the RM 99?

Shrewdly too, buying a car the old fashioned way also makes it harder to just buy a car on impulse in the middle of the night. 

PRESS RELEASE: Honda Malaysia (or the Company) today announced a New Car Pre-Booking Online Platform for customers, elevating the ‘Joy of Buying’ and convenience for all Malaysians. Customers can now pre-book their dream car with a minimum fee of only RM99 in four easy steps at Honda Malaysia’s official website and track the status of their booking from the comforts of their homes. The pre-booking function is embedded into Honda Malaysia’s official website overall shopping tools which include loan calculator, models comparison and Honda Insurance Plus. It will also be made available in the HondaTouch application by early next year. 

Honda Malaysia Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Toichi Ishiyama said,
“This New Car Pre-Booking Online Platform is part of Honda Malaysia’s effort to provide greater accessibility to customers to own a Honda car in this digital era via an online car purchase process. It allows Honda customers to stay ahead of the crowd and pre-book their preferred Honda model through a most convenient and user-friendly process which is right at their fingertips, anytime and anywhere. The process to pre-book online is stress-free and prioritises ease of experience for customers, as it only requires information from customers and minimal pre-booking fee. Through this online process, we aspire to offer greater convenience and a safe experience for our customers, no matter which part of Malaysia they are at.” 

Interested customers can access the New Car Pre-Booking Online Platform through a ‘New Car Pre-Booking’ button located within the shopping tools section at Honda Malaysia’s official website either on the homepage or as they enter the specific model page. Customers will then be guided through the four simple steps, with the first step being to select their participating preferred dealer location nearest to them. Subsequently, customers will be asked to fill in their details and select the model that interest them along with their preferred variants, colour and accessories. Next, customers will be provided a page where they can review all information and selection. They can then proceed to make the pre-booking payment in the amount of RM99. Finally, a confirmation email with all the necessary information including details of the dealer that received the payment and a reference number will be sent to the customers. Upon submission of the Pre-Booking details, the customers will be contacted by a designated Sales Advisor from the selected dealer within 72 hours.

The New Car Pre-Booking Online Platform also has a tracking feature where customers can monitor their Pre-Booking status at the ‘Track My Pre-Booking’ status page. 

For more information on the New Car Pre-Booking Online Platform, customers can call Honda’s Toll Free number at 1-800-88-2020 or to pre-book a car now, customers can log onto ‘New Car Pre-Booking’ site at in Honda Malaysia’s official website. 

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