Volkswagen To Use GTX Name For Their Future Sporty EVs

The first appearance of this new GTX name on a VW will be on the upcoming sporty ID.4. 

Volkswagen seems to have written themselves into a corner recently with their performance designation. That is because what was once only the GTI name that was used to denote the performance variant of its cars, other names such as GTD and GTE have since come along in more recent time to help distinguish its sportier diesel and electrified variants from its hum-drum counterparts. 

Using the GTE name on its hot hybrid models however looks to have not been the best idea for the German auto giant in hindsight, as that left Volkswagen nothing to badge their upcoming sporty all-electric models with. So what has happened instead is that VW will henceforth be using the GTX designation for its hot EV variants in the future, starting with the new ID.4 GTX that is set to be unveiled on the 28th of April. 

Speaking more about this upcoming ID.4 GTX, not much is officially divulged thus far apart from the not insignificant fact that this hot VW e-SUV will gain an extra electric motor on its front axle. Thereby incidentally making this upcoming variant the first all-wheel drive vehicle within Volkswagen’s all-electric ID range. 

This additional motor according to VW will switch itself on intelligently ‘within a few milliseconds when very high performance or strong traction are required’, while presumably remaining off for the remainder of the time in its standard driving mode to prolong its range. A new ‘Traction’ driving mode that will feature on this upcoming GTX however will enable permanent all wheel drive by the continuous activation of the motors on both axles. 

Now naturally too for a hot Volkswagen, there will be ‘sporty design details and their own light signature underline the top performance of the GTX models’. No official word on exactly what these cosmetic enhances will entail, though the common consensus within the industry is that this sporty ID.4 will feature more aggressive front and rear fascia designs, a lowered ride height and maybe even the appearance of a variation of the tartan seats (alá GTI) within its 5-seat cabin. 

More information regarding this dual-motor ID.4 GTX is expected to trickle out within the next couple of days before its official launch in 10 days time (at time of writing at least). As for the possibility of a ID.3 GTX, there appears to be no plans as yet due to the apparent difficulties in stuffing a dual-motor drivetrain into that smaller Golf-sized body. 

PRESS RELEASE: With the new ID.4 GTX, Volkswagen is showing the first sporty top-of-the-range electric model on April 28th: In Europe, the respective performance models of the ID. Family will wear the logo GTX in the future. Similar to GTI and GTE, it stands for its own product brand – it charges the world of electric mobility from Volkswagen with new, intelligent sportiness.

“The letters GT have long stood for driving pleasure,” says Klaus Zellmer, Board Member for Marketing and Sales at the Volkswagen brand. “Now the X is building the bridge to the mobility of the future. Sustainability and sportiness are not mutually exclusive, but complement each other intelligently. “

The GTX models are particularly impressive when it comes to performance and design. An additional electric motor on the front axle brings the all-wheel drive into the ID. family designed for maximum efficiency. The additional motor switches on intelligently within a few milliseconds when very high performance or strong traction are required. In the new “Traction” driving mode, it is even permanently activated.

In addition, sporty design details and their own light signature underline the top performance of the GTX models.

The new product brand for the ID. Family gives the ACCELERATE corporate strategy a further boost. Volkswagen wants to become the most desired brand for sustainable mobility. The goal is to increase the share of pure electric cars in Europe to 70 percent of sales by 2030. Volkswagen wants to become climate neutral by 2050; around 16 billion euros will be invested in e-mobility, hybridization and digitization by 2025.

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