Tesla Recalls 285k+ Cars In China Over Cruise Control Issue

The fix for these recalled Tesla models however is apparently just a software update. 

Tesla’s already problematic relationship in China had just been made that little bit worse lately, as the American automaker had to recall over 285,000 cars over there due to a safety concern regarding its cruise control system. The recall consists of 249,885 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles built in Tesla’s Shanghai gigafactory, in addition to 35,665 Model 3s that were imported.

According to China’s State Administration for Market Regulation, the voluntary recall was initiated due to an issue in certain Tesla models that the active cruise control can be mistakenly switched on (or off) when drivers attempt to change gears, or if they accidentally brush the gear selector. Both of which have the potential to result in the unintentional acceleration of the vehicle, and in extreme cases can lead to an accident. 

In response to the recall, Tesla has already issued a statement on its official Weibo account apologising for the inconvenience this may cause to its owners. The American EV manufacturer has also promised to continually be improving its safety protection in accordance with China’s safety regulations. 

Unlike most other recalls too, Tesla owners need not actually send their cars back to the service centres to address this safety issue. That is because the fix for this fault can apparently be solved with a software update, which owners can do over the air. 

A string of high-profile crashes, price increases, and quality (as well as security) concerns have been plaguing Tesla’s fortunes in China over the recent months. All of which has seen sales slump somewhat in the last two months, that has since contributed to the EV manufacturer losing about 4% of its market share over there to its domestic rivals like Xpeng and Nio. 

The American automaker is also facing similar product quality woes back home too, with a recent recall of nearly 6,000 cars in the USA over loose brake calliper bolts. Having said that however, Tesla has been steadily expanding its market presence to other regions which have welcomed them with open arms. 

To add to that too, the new blindingly-fast Model S Plaid seems to have garnered rave reviews from just about anyone and everyone who tested it. So like it or not, it isn’t perhaps all doom-and-gloom for Tesla just yet. 

Joshua Chin

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