Isuzu D-Max Sees New Prices Jump By RM 37k Down Under

This is due to the overwhelmingly high demand in Oz for these all-new Isuzu pickup trucks. 

Ever since it was first unveiled back in October 2019, Isuzu’s all-new D-Max has been a smash hit in terms of sales wherever it lands. It could however soon be a victim of its own success, as the prices for these pickups have recently shot up significantly in Australia, which is apparently primarily caused by a severe stock shortage in the face of overwhelming demand. 

Isuzu D-Max pickup truck

This is especially true for the D-Max X-Terrain 4×4 variants down under, with Aussies who fancy these top-of-the-line pickup trucks will fork out up to $70,919 (RM 220,000) for the privilege of owning one right now. A sum that equates to about $10,900 (RM 34,000) more for the exact same vehicle earlier this month, and a staggering $11,900 (RM 37,000) dearer than its retail price when the new model went on sale this time last year.

Just by the off-chance however that an Aussie who has already placed a booking on a D-Max is reading this, it is reported that Isuzu will still be honouring the previous $59,990 (RM 186,000) drive-away deals on pickups ordered earlier this month before the massive price hike. The Japanese automaker too has reiterated that it is not currently intentionally capitalising on the higher than expected demand and limited local supply, and has stated that there might be more price changes to come in September as supplies steadies. 

Isuzu D-Max pickup truck

To further calm the waters, Isuzu has also since shifted the prior discounts on offer with the D-Max to the top-spec MU-X LS-T 4×4 SUV. This new deal however has nevertheless courted its own controversy, which comes in the form of this flagship variant now confusingly costing less than at least two of its lesser-equipped trim levels in the local lineup. 

Now getting back to the topic of the D-Max meanwhile, it is reasonable to expect that even if one manages to place an order on these marked-up pickups in Australia right now, it might not be arriving all that soon. That is because there have been reports of Isuzu having had to recently suspend production at its Thai plant in Samrong as a consequence of the increasingly worsening Covid-19 outbreak over there, which will further add to the 5-6 month wait times already in place for these models down under. 

Amid all these uncertainties though, Isuzu Australia is amazingly still confident in retaining its 3rd place spot in the local ute sales over there. Aiming to be come in just behind the second-place Ford Ranger and the reigning sale champion Toyota Hilux. 

Isuzu D-Max pickup truck

In continuing on the topic of sales too and touching more on the D-Max’s commercial performance over here in Malaysia on the other hand, this all-new pickup truck has caused Isuzu Malaysia’s monthly booking figures to jump by over 100% since its local launch back in April. The automaker has also recently introduced several new initiatives like a 360-degree augmented reality showcase on its website, in the hopes of continuing this strong sales momentum locally. 

Isuzu D-Max pickup truck

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