Honda WR-V Test Drive From Bangkok To Pattaya

We get an early test drive of the all new Honda WR-V Crossover in Thailand

This all new Honda Crossover, the Honda WR-V is much more interesting and appealing over its super popular HR-V in our opinion. Yes, after 3 days with the WR-V we were more inclined to advice new crossover buyers to consider this WR-V over the HR-V.

Why? Well, let us explain. To start, the WR-V is an all new model for Honda and it has a very European inspired design language, which does not necessarily mean it is better looking than the HR-V, it just means it is very different.

Get inside the WR-V and you have a very straightforward cabin design with some new design features that we have been wanting to see in a Honda for some time.

To start, the infotainment screen now sits perfectly integrated into the top of the center dashboard and NOT sitting upright On Top of the center dashboard. This means there is zero hindrance to outward vision for height challenged drivers.

Then there is the meter cluster that we already admired in the latest Civic. Yes, an analogue meter cluster with a digital feature built in. The air vents are well placed to ensure cool air is distributed to across the vehicle and we must not forget the chunky sports inspired steering wheel.

Front seats are well bolstered for average height and built drivers like us, however if you are tall like my co-driver then you might find the side bolsters slightly in the way. Get to the rear and there is very good space for 2 adults, even basketball players, but try getting three nasi kandar loving adults in the rear and it will be a tight squeeze.

This is after all a compact crossover and if all passengers are regular nasi kandar eaters, then save up a little more money and buy the all new CR-V when it arrives later this year.

Ignite the WR-V engine (which is similar to the BR-V engine) and there is a slight murmur that enters the cabin. Drive it in city traffic and you might easily think you are driving a Honda Jazz with big wheels and wide tires. Well, it is actually about the same size as the previous model Jazz.

The 1.5L engine is not for storming across the open highway or doing an acceleration test with a twin motor electric car looking for a battery charging station right after. This is after all a tried and tested powertrain and aims to deliver great point to point driving experience, easy maneuverability in crowded city traffic, easy parking ability and more importantly, low fuel and running costs.

Meanwhile, we did take to the open Thai built and tolled highway and reaching 150km/h was done without any fuss from the engine and the engine note was subdued and pleasant. There was no need to go even faster as we did not want to have a conversation with the Thai Traffic Police.

After a few hours of driving on the highway we arrived without any issue from our ageing body.

Now that bookings for the WR-V have started in Malaysia, sadly no price yet, but we are guesstimating a selling price of RM118,888 for the top RS version, we suggest you visit a Honda showroom and chat with the sales advisor to firm up your purchase.

Honda WR-V

Honda WR-V RS Specifications

Engine: Inline-4, 16-Valve, DOHC i-VTEC

Capacity: 1497cc

Gearbox: CVT Automatic with Paddle Shifters

Max power: 119hp @ 6,600rpm

Max torque: 145Nm @ 4600rpm

Price: Guesstimate at RM118,888

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