Babe Don’t Be Angry, Next Time I Will Buy You An EV

Are women drawn more to owning an EV?

Right now, for many successful women and also house bound women married to rich husbands, it is rather fashionable and trendy to be driving an electric vehicle (EV).

Our analysis of Facebook reactions and questions whenever we post articles and reviews on electric vehicles, especially new EV launches, women are proving to be more interested (yes we know about men already having more search engine queries and asking more questions at the showroom level) and taking the lead in visiting showrooms selling new EV models and also going on test drives.

So, it shows that EVs are not just for men wanting quick acceleration and shiny new metal. Numbers show that, though EV buyers are mostly men, about 66 percent, the number of women signing the booking order form is increasing.


Reason for this from our simple analysis is this. Women are not really worried about battery charging infrastructure. As long as they can charge their EV at home or at work, they are fine.

They are not interested in long Sunday drives and weekend escapades looking for obscure new charging stations and the very special noodle, prickly fruit or steamed river fish. For that they have their second or third car in the house which is petrol driven, of course.

Women like the fact that they have much less visits to petrol stations to fuel up and dealing with dirty and smell fuel delivery handles.

Women prefer clean emissions and happy to not have tail pipe emissions when they park at home.

BYD Atto3

Women want less visits to the workshop, tire shop and car parts shop. Women prefer to have whisper quiet motoring runs and have NO desire for V6 musical notes or rumbling V8s.

Women drivers and car buyers want stylish looking vehicles with very modern design. Most of them are not interested in classic designs and iconic shapes.

BYD Qin Plus

Interestingly, the availability of electric vehicle leasing will push up the demand for electric cars as this reduce the long term worry about battery replacement costs and the ‘nagging’ question of maintenance costs.

With leasing the electric car driver can budget their ownership over 3 or 4 or even 5 years knowing that if anything were to go wrong with their shiny EV, it will be replaced without question and if an expensive component apart from the battery pack fails, they do not need to pay for its replacement.

BYD Ara Damansara

All maintenance costs will be borne by the leasing program. They just get another shiny EV to drive.

So, it looks like the EV ever increasing interest will continue and we will see more women behind the wheel, with more car manufacturers offering EV leasing.

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