Toyota Kaikan Museum visited and photographed for you

We were invited recently by UMW Toyota to visit the Toyota Kaikan Museum in Nagoya. We were on a trip to Japan for the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show and it was just a one hour train ride away to the city of Nagoya.

This is also where Toyota has its headquarters and many of its domestic production plants in the region around the large city of Nagoya. The company’s headquarters are located in the city of Toyota, less than one-hour east of central Nagoya. Next to the headquarters stands the Toyota Kaikan Museum, where Toyota displays its new models and technologies to the public and periodically holds robot shows.

The Kaikan Museum was established by the Toyota Group to convey the importance of research, creativity and manufacturing to young people, who will become future leaders. Looms and automobiles are on display to explain changes in technology in an easy to understand manner.

It address is, No.1-35, Noritake Shinmachi 4-chome, Nishi-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture 451-0051, Japan.

Admission is FREE!

Its operating hours are: 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

It is closed only on Mondays (if Monday is a holiday, then the following Tuesday) and the Japanese New Year’s holiday period.

So, how do you get there from the Nagoya trains station? Well, take the Higashiyama Line to Fushimi and then change to the Tsurumai Line and take a train going as far as Toyotashi. From Toyotashi Station walk to Shin-Toyota Station and take an Aichi Loop Line train to Mikawa-Toyota. From Mikawa-Toyota, the Toyota Kaikan is a 10-15 minute walk.

The Toyota Kaikan can also be accessed from Tsuchihashi Station on the Metetsu Line from Toyota Station. It would be a long 25 minute walk or a 10 minute taxi ride costing just over 1000 yen (which is about RM400.00).

toyota Celica 1600 GT

The Kaikan Museum also serves as the meeting point for plant tours. Tours are held once daily from Monday to Friday in English and Japanese.

You will be excited to know that the classic Toyota 2000 GT is on display as well as the Toyota Celica 1600 GT. Cars that we personally love.

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