Updated Taycan Gains A Set Of Classic Porsche Colours

A short blast to the past for the Porsche of the future. 

While the Taycan is still a somewhat fresh addition to the EV scene, Porsche has nevertheless thought it time to grace it with a few more worthwhile updates for its upcoming third birthday. And the most notable addition this time round being the availability of a new Paint to Sample option, that now allows prospective owners to have their eco-friendly Stuggart stallion in a myriad of fancy hues. 

So in addition then to the already rather extensive 17 standard colours available currently with the Taycan, this new Paint to Sample option has since added another 65 exterior colour options for buyers to choose from. Some of which — like Rubystar Red and Acid Green for example — are incidentally taken from German automaker’s own past, which does make it easier should its customers wish to pair their new EV with their existing classic Porsches. 

If however there still doesn’t seem to be that exact shade desired in the 80 choices available, Porsche will still happily paint the one’s Taycan in virtually any colour at all, through its more premium Paint to Sample Plus option. 

Now moving on within meanwhile, the big news here is that the Taycan finally nets Android Auto integration as standard through this model update. Coming as part of the wider overhaul of its Porsche Communication Management (PCM) infotainment system, the minor other improvements made in this department includes a slight simplification of its menu layout and a more responsive sat-nav system. 

In speaking further on the topic of infotainment upgrades too, the refreshed Taycan also features improved Voice Pilot voice assistant system that apparently now better understands natural language requests. Though the more impressive new tech addition would have to be the availability of Remote Park Assist, which now enables drivers to remotely park their Porsches (both perpendicular and parallel) via a smartphone app. 

Continuing a little bit on the upgrades made under this skin during this update on the other hand, Porsche has also been fettling around with the Taycan’s EV powertrain to yield that little bit more range in the real world. These tweaks include the almost complete-decoupling of front drive motor on all-wheel drive variants during Normal and Range modes, not to mention the shutting off of its rear motor when coasting or at a standstill to eke out that extra every last volt out of its battery packs too. 

Furthermore on the subject of its batteries, the 2022 Taycans net a Turbo Charging Planner which heats the battery to a higher temperature as a means of entering the fast charging phase earlier and at a higher charge level. Porsche has also claimed for this revised EV to better salvage waste heat from the electrical components for battery temperature regulation purposes. 

The 2022 Taycan and its similarly updated Cross Turismo twin will enter production in September, with customer deliveries slated to begin shortly after that. Porsche has took this time too to tout that its EV has been ‘particularly successful during recent months’, with the 20,000 units sold during the first half of this year on par with its 911 lineup.  

PRESS RELEASE: The Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo will start the new model year in September with extensive changes.

Thanks to technological developments, the day-to-day range of the electric sports cars will be improved. Further significant upgrades include the deep integration of Android Auto in the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system, as well as the availability of Remote Park Assist for the first time on the Taycan. With this new optional assistance system, the process of parking the car can be controlled via a smartphone, without the driver needing to be at the wheel. With the new Paint to Sample and Paint to Sample Plus options, unusual and personal colour choices can now be realised. For example, the Taycan can now be painted in the ‘90s classic Rubystone Red, or in bright Acid Green.

The latest generation of Taycan impresses with seamless smartphone connectivity, which now includes Android Auto,” says Kevin Giek, the Vice President Model Line Taycan since April. “Our all-electric Taycan range is growing and thriving. The new Cross Turismo, which was added to the line-up in the spring, is proving extremely popular with our customers, as has been shown by the excellent number of orders being taken for it.”

Technological enhancements: more range in practice

The new Taycan model year will not be homologated separately, so there will not be any new WLTP range values. However, the real-world range of the latest versions will be greater in day-to-day use. Extensive technological developments have been implemented to achieve this increase. In Normal and Range modes, the front electric motor is almost completely decoupled and de-energised in the partial load range in the all-wheel drive models. Furthermore, no drive is transmitted to either axle when the car is coasting or at a standstill. This electric freewheel function reduces drag losses. The motors are switched on again within milliseconds only when the driver requests more power or changes the driving mode.

The thermal management and charging functions have also been further improved. With the Turbo Charging Planner, the high-voltage battery can now be heated to a slightly higher temperature than before. This means that fast charging is possible earlier and at a higher charge level. In addition, the waste heat from the electrical components is used to an even greater extent for battery temperature regulation.

Remote Park Assist: remote control parking

With the new Remote Park Assist option, it is possible to remotely control parking manoeuvres via a smartphone when driving into and out of parking spaces) without the driver needing to be behind the wheel. Automatic control is possible for both parallel and perpendicular parking spaces and garages. The system automatically detects parking spaces and measures them using the vehicle’s ultrasonic sensors and camera systems. If there is enough space, the driver can start the parking process via the Porsche Connect app and then get out of the vehicle. The driver continuously monitors the parking process by pressing and holding a button on the smartphone’s app interface. The Remote Park Assist function independently takes over steering and control of the forward and reverse movements of the vehicle. If the button is released, the Taycan immediately stops the parking manoeuvre.

Android Auto: now also integrated into the infotainment system

The sixth generation of Porsche Communication Management (PCM) has been fitted to the Taycan since its introduction. The all-electric sports car has always been a connectivity pioneer, starting with the seamless integrations of Apple Music and Apple Podcasts. Android Auto is now also integrated in the PCM, along with Apple CarPlay support for iPhone. This means that smartphones with the Google Android operating system are now also supported. Selected phone functions and smartphone apps that do not adversely affect driving safety can therefore now be operated via PCM 6.0 or the Google Assistant voice commands.

New Porsche infotainment

The sixth generation of Porsche Communication Management (PCM) launches in the Porsche 911, Cayenne and Panamera models this summer.

The Voice Pilot voice assistant now also understands instructions in everyday language even better. The satellite navigation system calculates more quickly, primarily uses the online search for points of interest (POI) and also displays its information more clearly. The layout and operating system have also been revamped slightly: there are now five menu options instead of three on the left side of the central display and the icons can be arranged individually.

The cult colours make a comeback: even more individual paintwork

In the ‘90s, Porsche introduced a number of highly colourful paint finishes to its range. These quickly achieved cult status among fans of the brand and are especially popular today on classics like the 964-generation cars. These eye-catching colours are now making a comeback. As part of the continually developing personalisation strategy of Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, the Taycan is now also available with Paint to Sample and Paint to Sample Plus in addition to 17 standard paint colours. The first option allows painting with 65 additional colours, at present. This includes the Moonlight Blue Metallic, Acid Green, Rubystar Red, Riviera Blue and Viola Metallic colours that are so characteristic of the brand. Paint to Sample Plus gives customers almost complete freedom in their choice of colour, even permitting them to match their Taycan to their favourite accessory.

Porsche Charging Service with almost 200,000 charging points

The Porsche Charging Service offers access to the worldwide charging points of numerous networks, with central billing being handled by Porsche. There are currently almost 200,000 charging points in more than 20 countries across Europe, including nearly 6,500 50 kW-plus DC charging stations.

A further highlight is Porsche Destination Charging. With this exclusive service, customers can charge their electric or plug-in hybrid Porsche models free of charge at particularly popular destinations. It already offers more than 2,000 AC charging points in over 50 countries at locations such as selected hotels, restaurants, airports, shopping malls, sports clubs and marinas – and further expansion of the network is in full swing. All charging operations with the Porsche Charging Service are carbon-neutral.

Bestselling Taycan

The Taycan has been particularly successful during recent months. With approximately 20,000 vehicles delivered in the first half of 2021 alone, the year-to-date number is only slightly below the total for 2020 as a whole. Sales of the latest member of the model range are therefore on a par with those of the sports car icon, the 911.

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