Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Is A Jacked-Up EV Estate

The Taycan receives a slightly higher-riding, more practical Cross Turismo variant amidst its model lineup. 

Porsche has recently officially unveiled its new Taycan Cross Turismo. Supposedly a more versatile off-road version of the automaker’s first full electric car, this latest addition to the Taycan lineup brings with it a slightly jacked-up ride height, some plastic body cladding and that estate-esque roofline with a rear hatchback. 

Kicking things off from the ground up of this Taycan Cross Turismo first, the Allroad-ised variant sits a full 20 mm (or 30 mm if the Off Road Design Pack option has been ticked) higher off the ground when compared to its low-slung sports sedan sibling. Thereby affording (slightly) more opportunities to take one’s all-electric Porsche off the (mildly) beaten path. 

Aside from the raised suspension, Porsche has also fitted some black plastic cladding all around the Taycan Cross Turismo to complement the black wheel arch extensions, as well as to further up that off-roady vibe of this all-electric wagon. And just for that added off-road ability, there is now too a standard “Gravel Mode” that further firms up the suspension and specially-programmes the traction and stability control to maximise grip over loose surfaces. 

Now moving away from the ‘Cross’ bit towards the ‘Turismo’ bit of the Taycan Cross Turismo, this new estate variant of Porsche’s all electric super sedan naturally gains more interior room courtesy of that straighter roofline. While the front remains identical in both space and spec to its sedan counterpart, rear passengers however gains an extra 47 mm of headroom, as well as slightly more room in the footwells. 

The Taycan Sport Turismo undoubtably features also features much larger boot than the ordinary Taycan, with a maximum capacity of 1,200 litres when the rear seats are folded flat. This all-electric estate is also available with an optional roof rack to further up the practicality factor, as well as a rear bike carrier that is capable of carrying three of Porsche’s recently launched e-bikes. 

Much like the Taycan on which it is based, the Taycan Cross Turismo will be offered in four dual-motor, four-wheel drive variants: 4, 4S, Turbo and Turbo S. The first of which is exclusive only to this EV estate, outputting a decent 380 PS for a 0-100 km/h time of 5.1 seconds and nets a claimed WLTP range of between 389 to 456 km on a single charge. 

As for the other three higher-end variants, performance specs of the wagon is just ever so slightly down on its sedan sibling despite featuring the same powertrain. All Taycan Cross Turismos will come as standard with adaptive air suspension and the larger 93.4 kWh Performance Battery Plus battery pack. 

Launching in Malaysia in the second half of this year, pre-bookings for the Taycan Cross Turismo can now be made at Porsche Centres nationwide. 

PRESS RELEASE: Porsche has presented the Taycan Cross Turismo to the public today with a virtual world premiere. The sports car manufacturer is expanding the product portfolio of its first all-electric sports car range with the addition of this versatile off-road version, thereby continuing the systematic pursuit of its path towards sustainable mobility. Like the Taycan sports saloon, the Taycan Cross Turismo benefits from an innovative electric drive with 800-volt architecture. The new high-tech chassis with all-wheel drive and adaptive air suspension also ensures uncompromising dynamics off-road. Forty-seven millimetres more headroom for rear-seat passengers and more than 1,200 litres of load capacity, loaded through the large tailgate at the rear, make the Cross Turismo a true all-rounder.

“In 2019, we sent out a key signal with the debut of our first all-electric sports car,” said Oliver Blume Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG, at the world premiere of the new, even more versatile derivative. “We see ourselves as pioneers of sustainable mobility: by 2025, half of all the new vehicles we will deliver will have an electrified drive – either fully electric or plug-in hybrid. In 2020, one in three of all vehicles we delivered in Europe had an electric powertrain. The future belongs to electric mobility. With the Taycan Cross Turismo, we’re taking another major step in this direction.”

Full Cross Turismo range right from the start

Four derivatives of the Taycan Cross Turismo are available immediately at its global launch. The Performance Battery Plus, which has a total capacity of 93.4 kWh, is always fitted as standard. The model range comprises the following:

  • The Taycan 4 Cross Turismo with 280 kW (380 PS), overboost power for Launch Control 350 kW (476 PS), acceleration 0-100 km/h in 5.1 seconds, top speed 220 km/h, range (WLTP) 389 – 456 km.
  • The Taycan 4S Cross Turismo with 360 kW (490 PS), overboost power with Launch Control 420 kW (571 PS), acceleration 0-100 km/h in 4.1 seconds, top speed 240 km/h, range (WLTP) 388 – 452 km.
  • The Taycan Turbo Cross Turismo with 460 kW (625 PS), overboost power with Launch Control 500 kW (680 PS), acceleration 0-100 km/h in 3.3 seconds, top speed 250 km/h, range (WLTP) 395 – 452 km.
  • The Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo with 460 kW (625 PS), overboost power with Launch Control 560 kW (761 PS), acceleration 0-100 km/h in 2.9 seconds, top speed 250 km/h, range (WLTP) 388 – 419 km.

The high-tech chassis with all-wheel drive and adaptive air suspension comes as standard on all four models. The optional Off-road Design package increases ground clearance by up to 30 mm. This means that the Cross Turismo can also be driven on demanding off-road terrain. The standard “Gravel Mode” improves the suitability of the new model for driving on rough roads.

In terms of its visual appearance, the Taycan Cross Turismo closely follows the Mission E Cross Turismo concept study presented at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show: Its silhouette is defined by the sporty roofline sloping downward to the rear – called a “flyline” by the Porsche designers. Off-road design elements include wheel arch trims, unique front and rear lower aprons and side sills. As part of the Off-road Design package, the Cross Turismo has special flaps at the corners of the front and rear bumpers and at the ends of the sills. These make for a striking exterior as well as providing protection from stone impacts. 

Sporty accessories: new rear carrier and Porsche e-bikes

Especially for the Taycan Cross Turismo, Porsche has developed a rear carrier for up to three bicycles that sets the benchmark in terms of package size and handling. It can be used universally for different types of bikes. One of its innovative feature is that the tailgate can be opened even when the rear carrier is loaded. Porsche is also presenting two high-quality e-bikes at the same time – the eBike Sport and the eBike Cross. With their timeless design as well as their powerful and sustainable drive technology, they are perfectly matched to the Taycan Cross Turismo. 

Pre-order available

The Taycan Cross Turismo will be launched in the second half of 2021. Pre-orders are now available at Porsche Centres nationwide.

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