Porsche Launches Performance Roof Box For The Taycan 

This new roof box adds 480 litres of cargo capacity and can withstand speeds of up to 200 km/h. 

With a four-doors, four-seats and a decently sized boot (and frunk), the Porsche Taycan can reasonably be considered by many to be more than practical enough for daily driving. Moreover, for those who require the extra practicality, there is always the option of the estate-esque Cross Turismo variant that was recently launched. 

To those who need even more cargo carrying capacity however, there is nevertheless still a factory fix for this problem. And that comes in the form of the new Performance roof box from Porsche Tequipment. 

Now while a Porsche-branded roof box is already a novelty in itself, the more interesting aspect of this roof box is actually the ‘Performance’ part of the name. That is because, with Porsche being Porsche, this factory accessory could well earn the title the most performance-focused, over-engineered roof-top cargo hauler ever made. 

Such is plainly evidenced by the fact that this roof box has been designed to withstand speeds of up to 200 km/h. It is also (amazingly) possible to take this Performance roof box out on track too, seeing as Porsche themselves have already done so already — for several thousand kilometres — as part of overall vehicle testing during the development of this accessory. 

Designed in collaboration with Studio F.A Porsche based on the ‘form follows function’ principle, the Performance roof box features an aerodynamically-optimised counter-curve tear-drop shape with a separation edge. A shape fine-tuned in the Porsche Development Centre wind tunnel at Weissach, further embellishments to this cargo carrying accessory come in the form of a three-dimensional silver Porsche logo adorned at the rear end. 

Now moving onto the more practical aspects regarding this Performance roof box, this factory accessory offers convenient installation by way of a quick-fastening system to the Taycan’s roof rails and is double hinged so that it is able to be opened on both sides. As for the cargo capacity meanwhile, this 480 litre roof box can swallow at least five pairs of skis or three snowboards, though not weighing more than 75 kg cumulatively. 

Currently available in High-Gloss Black with 3 securing straps, a protective cover, 2 pairs of gloves and Porsche crest sticker that owners can optionally apply, prices for the Porsche Performance roof box starts from €1,150 (RM 5,740). Coloured contrasting side blades in Dolomite Silver Metallic, Carrara White Metallic and Volcano Grey Metallic will cost an additional €350 (RM 1,750), or €200 (RM 1,000) to just have them in plain primer to be painted later.

PRESS RELEASE: Everyday usability and performance: seemingly contradictory characteristics that Porsche has always combined successfully in its products. This also applies to the newly developed Performance roof box from Porsche Tequipment.

Alongside the new design, the focus of development was on the maximum permitted speed: the Performance roof box has been subjected to a comprehensive programme of trials and tests for the new Taycan Cross Turismo – for speeds up to 200 km/h. Trials and tests for other models will take place successively. The innovative luggage system will be available through Porsche Centres from May 2021.

The exceptional design was created in cooperation with Studio F.A. Porsche. With a slight counter-curve shape and a separation edge, the design is based on the ‘form follows function’ principle. A three-dimensional silver Porsche logo adorns the rear end. In the same way as for vehicles, the designers worked on a 1:1 clay model at an early stage. In spite of increasing digitalisation, physical prototypes help the designers to assess whether their designs achieve the desired effect in 3D. These models can also be used for initial wind tunnel tests in order to aerodynamically optimise the design.

“In addition to the permitted speed, the individualisation options for the roof box will also be unique,” explains Alexander Fabig, Vice President Individualisation and Classic at Porsche AG. “Like the box, the side blades are available in High-Gloss Black and three other popular colours from our model range: Dolomite Silver Metallic, Carrara White Metallic and Volcano Grey Metallic.” The side blades can also be optionally ordered primed or painted in the individual vehicle colour.

Comprehensive tests relating to aerodynamics and handling

The new roof box has the additional ‘Performance’ designation due to the fact that it has been tested at maximum speeds of up to 200 km/h. In this way, Porsche is meeting the wishes of many customers who also want to use the additional luggage space at higher speeds. This testing included comprehensive tests relating to aerodynamic behaviour and handling characteristics. “The test programme for the roof box was very demanding,” explains Jochen Schmid, Director Tequipment at Porsche. “On its way to series maturity, it was driven on test tracks for several thousand kilometres as part of overall vehicle testing.”

In the driving dynamics tests, the focus was on the controllability of the vehicle with a fitted roof box at high speeds. This programme was complemented by endurance testing in the Porsche Development Centre in Weissach: among other things, the roof box had to prove its ability to withstand tough conditions on the rough-road track. The aerodynamics and noise development were also tested in the wind tunnel in Weissach.

In addition to unique design, outstanding individualisation options and performance that is typical for the brand, development of the new roof box focused on simple handling and a high degree of everyday usability. The box can be conveniently mounted on all base carrier roof transport systems by means of a quick-fastening system. The roof box has a capacity of 480 litres and can be opened from both sides, allowing easy and uniform loading.

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