Porsche Taycan Lands In Malaysia, From RM 725k 

An electrified future awaits the millionaires who can afford this Taycan. 

Today is a big day for Porsche in Malaysia, not only are they celebrating the launch of a new Porsche Center in Ara Damansara, the German auto marque is also marking its 10 year anniversary with its authorised Malaysian importer that is Sime Darby Auto Performance (SDAP). So perhaps in celebration of this fruitful partnership, Porsche has decided to launch the all-new Taycan here in Malaysia. 

There will probably be many questions surrounding this all-electric four-door performance car. Most of it will be probably be regarding the feasibility of running the Taycan using the existing (virtually non-existant) local EV infrastructure. All of this will be answered in due course of course, for now though let’s just run through the specs of these Malaysian Porsche EVs. 

For those who have already heard about this much-hyped Tesla-slayer that was launched internationally about a year ago already, the Malaysian variants of the Taycan is much the same as what is launched elsewhere. Three models are available now for order at SDAP, ranging from the cheapest Taycan 4S, then stepping up to the Taycan Turbo, before capping off the range with the Taycan Turbo S. 

Now as if it needs mentioning already, the Taycan being an all electric EV does not in fact have turbochargers. The Turbo nomenclature only exists on this EV because Porsche, for reasons only known to themselves, have decided to stick to traditional hierarchical nomenclature for this futuristic car. 

In all three variants, beneath the stretched 911 looking body of this futuristic Stuggart EV lies a motor on each axle, sandwiched between a 93 kWh battery pack and a two-speed transmission. The only difference between the variants is the power figures. Frankly though, regardless of which variant one chooses, the figures are still mind-blowing. 

Starting at the bottom of the range with the RM 725k Taycan 4S, power and torque figures are only 490 PS (571 PS on overboost) and 650 Nm respectively. Netting a 0-100 km/h time in 4.0 seconds. Spend a little bit more money though gets one into a RM 999,000 Taycan Turbo that produces 625 PS (680 PS on overboost) and 850 Nm of torque, thus bringing down the century sprint time to only 3.2 seconds. 

To those who want really impressive stats though will have to plonk down a full RM 1.195 million for the Taycan Turbo S, which does a 0-100 km/h time in a blistering 2.8 seconds, thanks to 625 PS (761 PS on overboost) and a whopping 1,050 Nm of torque launching it off the line. 

All this sweet power does come at a price as the Taycan Turbo S has the poorest WLTP maximum range, which is quoted at 412 km. The lesser variants fare a bit better with the Turbo and 4S having a predicted maximum range of 450 km and 463 km respectively. These figures that steadily decrease up the range could be attributed to the fact that the tire size increases from 19 inches in the 4S to a massive 21 inches in the Turbo S. 

On the subject of range, this neatly follows onto the topic of charging the Taycan. Porsche Malaysia claims that through the 175 kW DC chargers fitted to every Porsche Centre nationwide, the Taycan can charge from 5% to 80% in just 36 minutes. However, most buyers of the Taycan probably won’t be charging their Taycans every time in the dealership. In that case, a 11 kW typical home charger will take 9 hours to charge the Taycan fully, with the 50 kW fast chargers taking 1.5 hours to charge the same amount. 

Porsche Malaysia does offer a four year vehicle warranty (of which there is  the option of an extension to 15 years, perhaps the longest vehicle warranty offered in Malaysia), in addition to an 8 year battery warranty. SDAP will also be offering a 22 kW Porsche Mobile Charger Plus and the Porsche Home Energy Manager free to Taycan owners, albeit for a limited time only. 

Just another quick note on the interior of the Taycan. The interior design and interior quality is what you would expect from a Porsche. Imagine a futuristic Panamera and you won’t be far off as the interior of the Taycan is so futuristic looking, yet still exudes the distinctive feel of a Porsche cockpit. 

One minor criticism though is that it does feel a tad cramped for people sitting behind, especially in the headroom department. Anyone over six feet would probably have a cricked neck after a long journey. However, it is not as if the Panamera is any better so perhaps it is just the industry wide thing of creating coupes out of sedans. 

All said and done, the Porsche Taycan will probably be a reasonably common sight on Malaysian roads. Regardless of the dismal charging infrastructure, the Taycan is probably the most powerful status symbol that money can buy right now. Showing that one is both wealthy and environmentally conscious, which is supposedly the in thing at the moment. 

And with prices competing directly against a Porsche’s own Panamera, the choice of the cool new kid on the block seems obvious, especially if the prospective buyers already has a garage full of other cars. With a couple handful already being accounted for, don’t be surprised that these become a common sight in the garages of the wealthy from the beginning of next year. 

PRESS RELEASE: Sime Darby Auto Performance (SDAP), the authorised importer of Porsche vehicles and parts in Malaysia, has officially opened its doors to its newest flagship facility, Porsche Centre Ara Damansara. This is the third state-of-the-art dealership that has been designed and built from the ground during SDAP’s 10-year tenure in Malaysia. 

With an investment of over RM 15 million, the new Porsche Centre Ara Damansara occupies a cumulative built-up area of 12,102 square meters making it the largest 3S Porsche Centre within a single facility in the Porsche Asia Pacific region. This includes 8,000 square meters of working space across five levels, with two showroom floors, two service and workshop levels and the importer office. 

The new facility is designed to deliver a best-in-class retail experience for customers and enthusiasts alike. On the ground and first floors, the spacious showroom area can showcase up to 26 display cars. The service workshop operating on the second and third floors can house up to 21 operational service bays with repair and maintenance equipment, including frameless telescopic oil hydraulic lifts that are unique to Porsche Centre Ara Damansara, increasing productivity and mobility of our certified technicians. The After Sales reception area is also larger, comprising four air-conditioned dialogue bays for better comfort, Porsche Tequipment accessories and a dedicated “shop-in-shop” featuring the latest collection of Porsche Driver’s Selection. 

Taycan premiere and high-performance chargers

To welcome the new era of electromobility, SDAP premiered the first fully electric sports car from Porsche, the Taycan at the opening of its latest Porsche Centre. Direct Current (DC) high performance chargers are now available for customers at all Porsche Centres in Malaysia, demonstrating Porsche’s readiness for the electric era. These DC chargers are the first ones nationwide, delivering up to a maximum of 175 kW in total via a modular set-up. This system is also the fastest in the country and fully charges the Taycan within 36 minutes under optimal conditions.

To be fully prepared for the new breed of electrified Porsche sports cars, the facility will also be equipped with high-voltage battery repair capabilities. 

“The automotive industry has proved its resilience during these challenging times. Despite the circumstances, we remain committed to drive the development of Energy Efficient Vehicles (EEV), which include Electric Vehicles (EV) as we head into a new era of connected mobility. This is in line with our efforts to further reduce our carbon footprint as announced in the National Automotive Policy 2020. The introduction of these high-performance chargers offered by Sime Darby Auto Performance is a welcome step in developing the electromobility ecosystem in the country which then facilitates the required transformation and integration of the local automotive industry with regional and global networks within the increasingly competitive environment. Furthermore, the decision to establish the largest Porsche Centre of the Asia Pacific region in Kuala Lumpur, signifies the strong confidence towards Malaysia by one of the world’s leading premium auto brands,“ said Dato’ Azman Mahmud, Chief Executive Officer of Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA).

Arthur Willmann, CEO of Porsche Asia Pacific added, “Sime Darby Auto Performance has been a key business partner in the region and we are looking forward to jointly grow our customer base and excitement. We are very committed to Malaysia and we believe this latest addition to the dealer network marks the beginning of an exciting new era for Porsche, not just in Malaysia but also within the Asia Pacific region. Derived from the idea to share the joy for our brand and products, we are excited to see the new digital, lifestyle and experiential elements built into the dealership, which will deliver an immersive customer experience.” 

Strategically located within the newly built Sime Darby Motors City complex of Ara Damansara, this latest addition to the Porsche dealer network signals the commitment of Sime Darby Motors and SDAP, as well as Porsche Asia Pacific, to ensure a best-in-class experience for customers and enthusiasts alike. 

First-of-its-kind Motorsport features at Porsche Centre Ara Damansara

Paying tribute to the brand’s strong motorsport heritage, the new Porsche Centre Ara Damansara features a dedicated Motorsports Zone, the first of its kind not only in Malaysia, but globally. The Motorsports Zone showcases both classic and modern Porsche racing cars. 

To cultivate its growth within the region, racing simulators are available at Porsche Centre Ara Damansara to professionalise the virtual motor racing scene and further develop it into an exciting spectator sport. Customers and guests can take a virtual spin on a variety of circuits, for entertainment, or even as a training session to improve themselves for the next Porsche Open Track Day. Personal coaching with a trained instructor is also available for sports car customers to provide them a digitally authentic driving experience in the Racing Experience Centre. 

“A central part of the new concept is to create a unique brand experience and a gathering place for our Porsche community, appealing to existing and new customers. The customer journey begins with a coffee in the newly designed lounge area where fans of the brand can connect. In our experiential Motorsports Zone, we invite the whole family to test esports simulators or watch live screenings of races, such as FIA Formula E, Le Mans, Porsche Carrera Cup and even virtual racing,” added Christopher Hunter, Chief Executive Officer of Sime Darby Auto Performance.

The Porsche Centre Ara Damansara is located at Sime Darby Motors City, with the address of 6, Jalan PJU 1A/7, Ara Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 

Striking exterior features

Distinguishing features of the Taycan Turbo S fitted as standard includes the extremely lightweight Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB), and exquisite carbon used in exterior elements like the door sill guards, sport design sideskirts and rear diffusor in louvered design. These are available options for the Taycan Turbo and Taycan 4S. LED Matrix Headlights including Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus (PDLS Plus) are equipped as standard for the Taycan Turbo S and Taycan Turbo, while the Taycan 4S comes with LED Headlights including Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus (PDLS Plus).

Unique interior design

The original 911’s cleanly styled dashboard from 1963 was the inspiration for the Taycan. The freestanding 16.9-inch curved instrument cluster forms the highest point on the dashboard, while a central, 10.9-inch infotainment display and an optional passenger display are combined to form an integrated glass band in a black-panel look. “Foot garages” – recesses in the battery in the rear footwell – ensure sitting comfort in the rear and allow the low sports car height.

An entire leather-free interior is fitted as standard for the Taycan Turbo S and Taycan Turbo, and is an available option for the Taycan 4S. Interiors made from innovative recycled materials underscore the sustainable concept of the electric sports car.

Sustainable production

The environmental sustainability journey begins with its production – the Taycan is manufactured in a carbon dioxide-neutral production facility. Moreover, Porsche requires its suppliers to meet environmental and human rights compliance standards as it introduced a sustainability rating to the supplier procurement process in 2019. As part of the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI), Porsche strives to ensure that the entire value chain for raw battery materials is both socially and environmentally sustainable.

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