Genesis Unveils New G70 Shooting Brake For Europe

The more practical version of the G70 sedan will be Genesis’ 5th model to debut in Europe.  

While the estate car boom can be reasonably said to have long since faded away, there are still nevertheless many out there who harbour love for these long-roof body styles. This sentiment rings particularly true in Europe, where the love of the wagon still looms large, which should work just fine then for Genesis as it plans to debut its new G70 Shooting Brake over there. 

Essentially booted version of the G70 Sedan, this new European-specific addition will be the fifth model in the Genesis’ debut lineup in the old continent. A debut that is to begin in Summer this year with the G80 large sedan and GV80 large SUV, followed on by the GV70 mid-sized SUV and both the sedan and estate variant of the G70. 

Now speaking more about the G70 Shooting Brake in particular, it should come as no surprise that the biggest distinguishing feature from its sedan sibling will be its more practical rear end. Such is evidenced by the fact that cargo capacity has improved by some 40% with this estate over its saloon sister, despite sharing the same external dimensions. 

As for how this new rear end graft makes the G70 Shooting Brake look, the sloping roof line that ends with the floating spoiler integrated within the single-piece glass hatch does work in giving this Genesis that ‘athletic’ profile its makers were apparently aiming for. A four-fin rear diffuser sandwiched between twin oval rear exhaust tips are a nice sporty touch too, though the additional light signatures on the tailgate that extend off the twin-bar LED taillights do have a faint whiff of being an afterthought add-on. 

Moving on further up front meanwhile, the G70 Shooting Brake is virtually identical to its saloon sibling. Featuring its updated front fascia, with a split headlight design flanking a massive diamond-shaped front grille. 

A similar story is repeated on the inside too, with the Shooting Brake retaining the same opulent interior design as the G70 Sedan. Having said that, this new more practical variant of the G70 brings with it a 40:20:40 split folding rear seat to the extensive list of standard equipment already offered within the sedan offering. 

In terms of powertrains, Genesis has yet revealed what will feature under the hood of the G70 Shooting Brake. Though if the saloon is anything to go by, expect the option of a 249 hp 2.0-litre turbocharged four-pot or a 365 hp 3.3-litre twin-turbo V6 that will be driving either just the rear wheels or all four wheels of this stylish station wagon. 

Prices of the G70 Shooting Brake has also not been officially announced thus far, but it is confirmed that this particular model will be a European exclusive. So chances are slim for it to be available here officially anytime soon. 

PRESS RELEASE: Genesis Motor Europe has revealed the G70 Shooting Brake, a car designed with European customers in mind.

The new G70 Shooting Brake is based on the G70 sedan revealed last year, combining enhanced practicality with the brand’s award-winning design.

The Shooting Brake name refers to a body style firmly rooted in European automotive history and favoured by customers in the premium luxury sector. The G70 Shooting Brake will offer greater practicality, and will further expand the Genesis line-up to meet customers’ needs.

The G70 Shooting Brake is the same size as the new G70, measuring in at 4,685 mm long, 1,850 mm wide and 1,400 mm tall, with a 2,835 mm wheelbase. Meanwhile, the luggage space is 40 percent larger than the G70 sedan and its rear seats can be split-folded in versatile 4:2:4 format.

Inheriting its design from the new G70 sedan, the G70 Shooting Brake’s signature Crest Grille is set lower than the Quad Lamps, which spread outward to evoke a sprinter’s pre-race posture and highlight the model’s athletic design.

When viewed from the side, the combination of the single-piece glass hatch extending to the rear, with the floating integral spoiler, communicates the G70 Shooting Brake’s athletic intent.

At the rear, luggage space is maximised by moving the tailgate hinges forward. While the Quad Lamps which underpin the Two Lines signature, the epitome of the Genesis brand identity – extend to the surface of the hatch to create a unique impression.

With the G70 Shooting Brake, the fifth Genesis model to arrive in Europe, the brand will further strengthen its position by launching a model that demonstrates its commitment to the European market.

On 4 May, Genesis officially announced its plans for the European market, the home of premium luxury cars. The brand will commence European sales later this year, starting with Germany, the UK and Switzerland.

Orders for Genesis’ luxury sedan, the G80, and its SUV, the GV80, will open in summer, with the G70 sports sedan and the GV70 urban SUV following soon after.

Dominique Boesch, Managing Director of Genesis Motor Europe, said: “We are delighted to reveal this bespoke product – tailored for our European customers – so soon after revealing news of our arrival into the region.

“The G70 Shooting Brake marries luxury and European automotive heritage with our design philosophy of Athletic Elegance. Our fifth car in Europe, the Shooting Brake will stand apart through its unique design; it is a clear statement of our commitment to the region.”

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