Peugeot Worldwide Sales Increased By 15% In 2020

The lion marque roared in 2020 with Peugeot posting double-digit increase in sales last year. 

While many of the major automakers worldwide are reporting significant sales decreases for 2020, Peugeot however seems to be one of the few exceptions as the French automaker has actually increased by 15% last year, over its 2019 sales figures. 

Though no concrete numbers have been announced by the lion marque, Peugeot instead has touted the fact it has managed to attain marginal increases of in market share in five of its six major sales regions in 2020, with the Middle East-Africa region recording the biggest gain with a 0.6 point increase. To add to that, the automaker managed to beat its market share record last year in no fewer than 25 countries, though Malaysia is not to be one of the 25 aforementioned nations. 

Focusing on the European market, five Peugeot vehicles managed to nap podium places as the best selling vehicles in various European countries. These five vehicles are the 208, 2008, 3008, Rifter and Partner. 

Peugeot has also seen commercial success in its electrified range, with one in every 10 vehicles sold in Europe being an electrified model. On the flip side meanwhile, the French automaker also currently boasts the second largest SUV range across Europe. 

As for new Peugeot models debuting last year, 2020 saw the launch of the 3008 and 5008, not to mention the 508 Peugeot Sport Engineered (PSE). The commercial arm of the company has also launched a flurry of new models over the last 12 months, with the debut of the fully-electric e-Boxer and e-Expert vans, as well as the Landtrek pickup truck down in Latin America. 

Going back to the sporty 508 PSE, Peugeot has also confirmed its commitment last year to participate in the WEC racing series come 2022. Competing in the newly homologated Le Mans Hypercar (LMH) class, this new hybrid prototype race car is set to be officially unveiled sometime later this year. 

Sales success aside, Peugeot’s trophy cabinet also expanded considerably in 2020. This is mainly thanks to the 208 hatchback, which managed to scoop an impressive 26 automotive awards last year, not least nabbing the title too of the best selling compact car in France and the second best selling compact car in Europe. 

Looking ahead in 2021, Peugeot main aim for the earlier part of the year is to begin the sale of 508 PSE. As for Peugeot’s fate in Malaysia for the year ahead, new distributor’s Berjaya Auto Alliance have already confirmed the debut of the 2008 compact crossover locally, though there are also rumours of the 3008 and 5008 facelift, and perhaps even the 208 hatchback and Landtrek pickup, making its way here in the next few months. 

PRESS RELEASE: PEUGEOT has continued its vibrant momentum in 2020 with a growing backlog of orders, five regions out of six achieving increased market share and 25 countries beating their record in volume or market share. PEUGEOT has also upheld its strategic objectives of moving upmarket and growing its electrified range. Despite the drop in the automotive market, PEUGEOT has maintained its performance thanks to robust foundations.

PEUGEOT results in detail

  • The order portfolio is up 15% compared with 2019
  • Five regions out of six increased their market share:  Europe: + 0.1 point, Middle East-Africa: + 0.6 points, Eurasia: + 0.1 point, India and Asia Pacific: + 0.1 point and Latin America
  • 25 countries beat their market share record: France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Japan, Portugal, Norway, Ukraine, Asean, Estonia, Slovenia, Greece, Ireland, Egypt, Iceland, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Dominican Republic, Mexico, South Africa, Arabia and Latvia
  • Five of PEUGEOT’s vehicles are up on the podium of the best selling vehicles in Europe: 208, 2008, 3008, Rifter and Partner
  • The SUV range is the second largest in Europe
  • A successful move upmarket with a third of vehicles in levels three and four, up 8.5 points compared with 2019
  • The electric range is a success, with one in 10 vehicles sold in Europe being electrified

PHEV charging

A look back at PEUGEOT in 2020

  • Peugeot Sport has joined the WEC (World Endurance Championship) sports programme and unveiled the 508 PEUGEOT Sport Engineered, which will join the market in 2021
  • The PEUGEOT 208 is a real success in many countries – it is the second largest in its segment in Europe and is the number one in France. It won the COTY (Car of the Year) award in March 2020 and has received 26 awards worldwide. In the UK, the full electric e-208 picked up a host of awards, including ‘Electric Small Car of the Year’ at What Car?’s Electric Car Awards and ‘Best Electric Car’ at Autocar’s inaugural ‘Britains Best Cars Awards’
  • October 2020 saw the launch of the full electric e-Boxer and the e-Expert, the latter of which won the IVOTY prize (International Van of the Year). In the UK, every van in PEUGEOT’s range was recognised at the inaugural What Car? van awards in November 2020, with wins for the Partner, Expert and Boxer
  • The new Landtrek pick-up truck was launched in November 2020 in Latin America, in a segment that represents more than 2.5 million annual sales worldwide
  • PEUGEOT launched new 3008 and new 5008 at the end of 2020, ready to go on the market at the beginning of 2021 in the main European countries
  • Online sales in the UK were amplified in April 2020 with the addition of Virtual Showroom, which saw very promising results. Selling online has already been launched in France and will be rolled out by the end of April 2021 in Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal and Austria.

Jean-Philippe Imparato, Managing Director of PEUGEOT, says: “It is a real source of pride to see that the results are there with an electrified range that has been met with great success from customers. This performance is the fruit of our strategic choices and the efforts deployed by our teams during this particularly difficult period.  We will face many significant challenges in 2021, the year will begin with the marketing of the 508 PEUGEOT Sport Engineered in the first half of the year, with record performances and CO2 emissions kept at 46g/km”.

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