Revived Honda Prelude Confirmed For Europe, Malaysia Next?

This upcoming Prelude has been touted to serve as Honda’s halo product in its hybrid lineup.  

Following on from its first reveal at last October’s Tokyo Mobility Show, Honda has since announced that the revived Prelude is set to go on sale in Europe. This upcoming coupe is set to serve as a showcase for the automaker’s hybrid powertrain technology, and will sit as the halo product among its lineup of electrified models over there.  

Unfortunately however, this is to be about all the news Honda officially has to provide with this new Prelude thus far. Such is as the Japanese automaker to still be keeping mum still regarding most of the finer details regarding this coupe, with barely any more known from its initial preview at the Tokyo Mobility Show. 

It therefore falls to unconfirmed (but credible) industry reports to discern that powering the Prelude is most likely to be a slightly spiced up variation of Honda’s e:HEV petrol-hybrid system currently found in its electrified Civic (alá RS in Malaysia), which combines a 2.0-litre naturally-aspirated Atkinson-cycle four pot with a pair of electric motors. 

And while on the topic of Civic, it is currently expected too that the Prelude will be sharing largely the same chassis that underpins the popular Honda sedan as well. This therefore sees for this latest iteration of Honda’s iconic coupe nameplate to (unfortunately) continues on from its predecessors and not exactly be the sportiest in its class, with the Japanese automaker basically also confirming as much too during the concept’s preview previously by stating that it doesn’t intend for the Prelude to be “the sportiest, zippiest car that’s going to be tossed into the circuits”. 

Having said that however, project lead for the Prelude, Tomoyuki Yamagami’s recent quote of “we as Honda have always sought the joy of driving” could perhaps point at this coupe to potentially net some slight handling tweaks from its sedan base. Claims that particular attention was paid to not only its controllability and drivability but also the “emotional aspect of the engine” should also bode well for this Prelude to put a smile on the face of any petrolhead when behind the wheel. 

Moving onto the topic of design meanwhile, Mr. Yamagami has added that striking exterior aesthetic is said to be key to its appeal of this Prelude. Honda however has yet to actually show what the production version of this coupe will look like, with this red car here being essentially a repainted version of the white example that was first previewed at the Tokyo Mobility Show last year. 

That said though, this new crimson colour does see for the black exterior accents on this Prelude to stand out that little bit more than on the prior white paintwork. These bits include the sleek lower bumper that is situated beneath its admittedly Prius-esque face, in addition to its carbon fibre side sill extensions and subtle rear spoiler.  

Its red exterior hue has also helped emphasise the matching-colour Brembo-branded brake calipers present on this Prelude, which are currently hiding behind its bespoke 20-inch alloys. This hybrid Honda coupe also nets a small blue strip on the leading edge of the aforementioned front bumper, as a nod to its electrified powertrain under its low-slung bonnet. 

As for what lies within on the other hand, all Honda has confirmed thus far is for the Prelude to be capable of seating four. Given its propensity of sharing parts with the Civic however, it is therefore all but expected for this coupe to feature much the same cabin as its four-door sibling too. 

The Prelude concept will be making its European debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed later this week, with production examples in turn potentially to be hitting showrooms around the old continent in the next year or two. Incidentally with the Audi TT going out of production as well, this hybrid Honda is set to be the only front-driven coupe on sale in the UK when it eventually lands over there.

Now in terms of its possible Malaysian arrival, there is actually a rather high chance for Honda to actually launch the Prelude locally. Such is as the Japanese automaker does after all have a long history of bringing in its sportier exotic offerings over here, with this coupe being available in right hand drive (unlike the current Acura Integra) all but guaranteeing its imminent landing over here in due course.

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