Aimgain’s Bodykit Turns Toyota GR86 Into Prius Lookalike

A massive wing for the rear of the GR86 does nevertheless bring some sportiness back to the mix. 

Japanese tuner Aimgain has recently released its latest bodykit package for the GR86. And while the kit was perhaps intended to inject a little bit of menace to Toyota’s friendly sports car, there is however no denying that the changes to its front has the unintended consequence of turning the GR86 to look somewhat similar to the new Prius. 

Now those with kinder words could probably say that this Aimgain GT kit gives the GR86 a face reminiscent of the S14 Silvia instead, with its narrowed headlight and slim front grille look being the iconic frontal aesthetic of said 90s Nissan sports car. But it is also worth mentioning that said design highlights also have made an appearance on the latest Prius. And fun fact, the PHEV variant of Toyota’s tree-hugging eco-icon will only take 0.4 seconds longer to achieve the century sprint than its enthusiast-oriented fun machine. 

Enough talk about the Prius similarities though and more on the kit itself now, the frontal aesthetic changes brought upon by the Aimgain GT kit comes courtesy of a new front bumper and body-coloured headlight covers. Also included in the package are redesigned side air curtain mouldings, as well as deeper side skirts. 

Moving round the rear meanwhile, the highlight of the Aimgain GT kit here will be its included massive ducktail spoiler. Though also from the kit are the addition of a smaller roof spoiler (with vortex generators) and a more pronounced rear diffuser, in order to further spice up the GR86’s rump. And completing the look on these example GR86s shown here are a set of 5-spoke alloy wheels and a pair of titanium tailpipes. 

Per Aimgain’s website, fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) bodykit is available for sale as individual pieces, or alternatively as a full kit with or without the rear spoiler elements. Prices and international availability however have not been officially disclosed thus far. 


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