Car Manufacturers And Showrooms IGNORE Women Buyers

We have noticed for years how car manufacturers and showrooms forget about what women drivers want.

We are lucky enough to test drive 25 to 35 different cars in a year and over the past 23 years of doing this job we have seen a slow decline in cabin comfort (proper seat adjustments) and technology features (panoramic 360-degree camera for a cat’s-eye view, remote start to cool down the cabin, follow me home lights) that are very important for women drivers.

women love child booster seats
Child Booster Seat
  • Let’s start with the handbag placement.
  • Let’s not forget seat height.
  • What about outward visibility.
  • What about pregnant women.
  • What about rear view mirror size?
  • What about easy understanding warning lights?

Some car manufacturers may have once struggled to connect with female buyers are increasingly looking to attract more women into showrooms with vehicles that offer more safety features, ergonomic controls in the cockpit and better fuel economy.

Volvo EX90

Car cabin designers need to pay more attention to details in trim, fabric, colors and compartments, shapes and positioning of controls. “And then, of course, storage is a big deal to women buyers whether it’s room for groceries, handbags, kids’ toys, foldable seats and built-in car booster seats.

Volvo S90 cabin

Then comes exterior colour. Gone are the days where buyers want boring colours. Today, they want exciting vibrant colours with names that are unique and shades never seen before.

Like handbags and shoes, they want a colour that reflects their image and having a white, black, beige, silver car is no longer on the list.

Women car buyers (and also more men today) want colours like Surf Blue, Forest Green, Parkour Red, Pistachio Green, Seneca Blue, Nero Vulcano, Monto Bianco, Hethel Yellow, Dark Verdant, Shadow Grey and Nimbus Grey.

Ladies, if you have ever gone car shopping with a man, you can probably relate to being ignored by the salesman. That might make sense if you are looking for a new car for your husband, boyfriend, or guy friend, but it definitely does not make sense if the car is for you.

This is why sales ‘women’ in many car showrooms are selling better than men and they are also making more money.

Despite the fact that some sales women are less ready to part with ‘exciting’ technical details, all new cars (in each and every different segment) today are almost similar in driving feel, technology and comfort features (with their segment rivals) when you are in a traffic jam daily.

So, car manufacturers who have been catering JUST for male drivers, please take note that there are more women decision makers today when it comes to buying a new or even used car.

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