The ID.7 GTX Tourer Is Volkswagen’s Hot New All-Electric Estate

The 335 hp this ID.7 GTX Tourer packs from its twin motors makes it the hottest VW long-roof to date. 

Apparently, every fifth Volkswagen ID.4 and ID.5 sold in Europe are to be the hot GTX variant. So with this in mind then, it should therefore not come as a surprise that less than a month after it had shown off its rather practical ID.7 Tourer, VW has since followed up by debuting a hot variant of it bearing the same performance suffix. 

Volkswagen’s first-ever all-electric performance estate, what is perhaps more pertinent to buyers of this hot long roof is the fact that it is to also be the most powerful production wagon to ever bear the VW badge. Packing a combined 335 hp from its twin motors, this EV has knocked the 315 hp Golf R Variant and even the once-mad-but-only-272 hp Passat W8 estate for that crown. 

The 335 hp figure however is a tad bit misleading, as this ID.7 GTX will primarily running on its 282 hp motor on its rear 282 hp, presumably for better energy efficiency. The front 107 hp motor motor meanwhile will only kick into action (in fractions of a second no less, VW touts) depending on power requirements and the driving scenario, with the power transfer between the two drive units being achieved through electronic differential locks and a custom AWD controller. 

Funnily enough for a performance car too, Volkswagen has not released any concrete performance figures for the ID.7 GTX bar the fact that it tops out at 180 km/h. What VW did provide though is for this hot long roof variant to support charging speeds of up to 200 kW DC fast charging, which should see for its larger 86 kWh (upgraded from the standard 77 kWh) battery pack be topped up from 10 to 80% rather speedily in less than 30 minutes. 

Complementing the upgraded powertrain under the skin of this hot ID.7 is apparently a sportier setup for its progressive steering system, stronger stabilisers and an optional adaptive chassis control system for better handling. There is also apparently a sport mode too for its ESC, which should turn any mundane trip with this rear-wheel drive a slightly more drift-ier affair, if the driver so chooses that is.

Styling-wise now, the ID.7 GTX nets a sportier set of bumpers at either end, gloss black accents, and special wheels (20-inch as standard, optional up to 21-inch). Its cabin meanwhile features sporty flashes of red, with GTX logos further appearing on the bespoke ergoActive front seats and steering wheel.

And finishing on the practicality front here, this sportier GTX handily shares the same capacious 1,714 litres of boot space with the rear seats folded flat as its lesser single motor siblings. This twin-motored ID.7 then further adds to that by coming with an increased towing capacity of 1,400 kg, up from the 1-tonne limit on its standard counterparts. 

Pricing for this hot tourer has not yet been announced by Volkswagen, but it is expected to carry a reasonable premium over the current £55,000 (RM 330,000) top-end list price of the currently available ID.7 saloon. European pre-sales has been slated commence in the spring, with it coming to Malaysia… never (unfortunately). 

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