The Q6 e-tron Is Audi’s Alternative To Porsche’s New EV Macan

Audi’s new Q6 e-tron e-SUV (and hot SQ6 sibling) are based on the same 800 V PPE platform as the Macan. 

Much like how Audi brought along its e-tron GT after Porsche debuted its Taycan platform-mate, this same trend is to be repeating itself once more with the quad-ringed automaker showcasing its Q6 e-tron counterpart (and SQ6 e-tron sibling) soon after the introduction of the Stuggart Stallion’s Macan Electric. 

Set to sit in between the Q4 e-tron and Q8 e-tron, the biggest news with this mid-sized Q6 e-tron is for it to be the first model that utilises the advanced new 800 V Premium Performance Electric (PPE) Audi has co-developed with Porsche. This particular platform will underpin a host of future four-ringed EVs in future like the A6 e-tron sedan due later this year, and apparently even higher-end models within the VW corporate umbrella like Bentley. 

Offered in a sole Quattro spec from launch, this base Q6 packs 387 PS from its dual-motor setup to see it set a century sprint time of 5.9 seconds. North American versions will interestingly enjoy a power bump to 428 PS, which when launch control is activated will further bump that figure to 462 PS, and hence in turn sees for the 0-100 km/h time drop to 5.0 seconds.  

Stepping up to the spicier SQ6 e-tron meanwhile, its twin motors have been turned up to pack 489 PS, rising to 516 PS when the launch control system is deployed. Audi claims for this hotter variant to need just 4.3 seconds to rocket up to the 100 km/h mark from a standstill, before eventually topping out at 230 km/h. 

With a gross energy capacity of 100 kWh (94.9 kWh usable) in the launch trims, Audi is touting a decent-enough range of up to 625 km (WLTP) for the Q6 and 598 km for the SQ6. What is more-than-decent though is courtesy of its 800 V electrical architecture, its 270 kW DC fast charging capability sees it attain 10-80% state of charge in 21 minutes with a compatible charging station, or more impressively add 255 km of range in 10 minutes.

Plugged into slower 400 V chargers too where charging speeds is capped to 135 kW, the battery can cleverly split itself into two banks and be charged in parallel to optimise charging speed and efficiency. AC charging from charging ports on either side of its rear flanks is currently limited to 11 kW, with 22 kW charging only coming at a later date. 

Touching on design now, the Q6 e-tron’s revolutionary underpinnings has been paired with Audi’s decidedly evolutionary approach in its exterior aesthetics. Highlights to that end includes a pair of matrix front headlights flanking its hexagonal ‘Singleframe’ front grille, rather distinctive creases on its flank for a boxed-flared look and the debut of Audi’s second-gen OLED on this e-SUV’s ‘active digital light signature’ full-width light bar round its rump. 

Moving on within, the Q6 e-tron’s ’softwrap’ design concept extending from its the doors around the main dashboard encapsulates an 11.9-inch digital instrument cluster and a 14.5-inch curved infotainment touchscreen. There is also to be a separate 10.9-inch screen for the front passenger as an option, which features an active privacy mode so as not to distract the driver from seeing it while the car is moving.

Other cool tech toys in the cabin worth mentioning is Audi’s second-generation augmented reality head-up display that spans 88 inches across the windscreen, an optional 20-speaker Bang & Olufsen surround sound system and a built-in AI assistant in its its Android-based operating system. All of this aforementioned kit is managed through the Q6 e-tron’s state-of-the-art E3 (End-to-End Electronic) 1.2 architecture, with five high-performance computers to cover all vehicle functions. 

Finishing finally on the practicality front, this new five-seat mid-sized e-SUV boasts 526 litres of boot space with its 40:20:40 split-folding rear seats up, with it further complemented by a 64-litre ‘frunk’. Another interesting practical tad-bit is for Audi to claim that the Q6 e-tron can recuperate up to 220 kW on regenerative braking, with around 95% of all everyday stopping to be done from regenerative braking alone. 


The Q6 E-tron will be the first electric model built at Audi’s main Ingolstadt factory, with deliveries beginning later in the year. Prices for this e-SUV currently starts from £68,975 (RM 415,000) in the UK, with the SQ6 starting from £92,950 (RM 560,000)

Sportback trims of this e-SUV have been confirmed to be forthcoming, as is a rear-wheel-drive version with a longer range. An entry-level model with a smaller 83 kWh battery is also currently in the works, with an RS all but certain to arrive eventually too. 

It just remains to be seen which version exactly will be landing over in Malaysia, as Audi has already hinted after all for this all-new Q6 to be making its local debut by the end of this year. 

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