Toyota Veloz MPV On Sale In Malaysia Now At RM95k

UMW Toyota has replaced the Avanza with the Veloz.

Launched tonight with more than 6,000 bookings already in hand, this is the next best selling 7-seater family vehicle in Malaysia. Sharing its platform, design language and also powertrain with the high specifications Perodua Alza, the Veloz carries a RM20k premium over the high specification Alza and there are many good reasons.

We share the information below.

Toyota Veloz MPV

PRESS RELEASE: Assembled in Malaysia, the all-new Toyota Veloz is available in one variant with a comprehensive range of premium features and specifications.

It is offered with five exterior colour choices, two of which will come with a black roof. The available colour choices are White, Metallic Bluish Black, Red Metallic, Silver Metallic (with Black Roof) and Blue Metallic (with Black Roof).

The all-new Veloz has a fresh new appearance which follows Toyota’s latest design language with an expressive front end. A premium image is established with the LED headlights (high and low beams) complemented by sequential turn signals and Daytime Running Lights that form a visual signature for the model.

As the load carried in the vehicle may vary, the headlights will level automatically for the proper angle that does not disturb other drivers.

The headlight system has a Follow-Me feature for safety and convenience at night. The lights will remain on for a short period, illuminating the area ahead as the driver and occupants walk towards the front door.

The rear lamps have a distinctive design that accentuates the width of the vehicle. The 3-dimensional form of each unit gives the same expressiveness as the front while giving stylish premium image.

Additionally, the automatic folding door mirrors also have foot lamps which illuminate the ground next to the doors. This is useful before stepping out as the driver can see the condition of the ground which might be muddy or uneven. On approach too, when remotely unlocking the doors, the foot lamps will come on to shine on the ground.

To enhance the crossover image of the all-new Veloz, low-profile roof rails are fitted. These not only add a stylish element but are also functional as they can take a load of up to 75 kgs, providing extra cargo capability to the all-new Veloz.

17-inch alloy rims with 205/50 R17 tyres are fitted as standard. To better cope with rough roads and flood conditions, the ground clearance of the all-new Veloz is *205 mm (measured up to center muffler). This height gives a good balance between providing sufficient space under the vehicle and also stability when cornering.

Toyota Veloz MPV

The all-new Veloz uses a new 2NR-VE 1.5-litre all-aluminium DOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder engine with electronic fuel-injection (EFI). It features Dual VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing with intelligence) technology.

Dual VVT-i is an advancement over the original VVT-i system developed by Toyota as it continuously adjusts the opening and closing times on both the inlet and exhaust valves. This further enhances performance, fuel efficiency while having cleaner exhaust emissions.

Like other Toyota engines, the 2NR-VE is engineered to be very reliable and durable, with a focus on fuel efficiency. It has a maximum power output of 78kW (106ps) at 6,000rpm and maximum torque of 138Nm at 4,200rpm. Unlike the Avanza which had rear-wheel drive, power goes to the front wheels of the all-new Veloz.

Also new in the drivetrain is the transmission which is now a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) which is light and compact and with their low loss of power in transmission, fuel economy can be better.

For the CVT in the all-new Veloz, the driver also has an option of making manual selection of the 7 steps in the transmission (a CVT does not have gears like a conventional automatic transmission).

Additionally, there are three DRIVE modes that can be selected while on the move. These are PWR, ECO and NORMAL. With PWR mode, acceleration is stronger while ECO mode helps with fuel-saving. In most cases, drivers can leave the system in NORMAL mode which offers a balance of economy and performance.

Toyota’s interior designers have made full use of the generous space by intelligent packaging to provide a versatile layout. There are three rows of seats to accommodate up to 7 persons. The second and third rows can be folded together or individually for different layouts that can carry more people or more cargo, and even long items like a carpet.

To provide a premium image, the seats have semi-leather upholstery with soft padding for interior panels all round. Like the more expensive MPV models, there is also exclusive bluish ambient lighting around the centre console and on the door trims.

Toyota Veloz MPV

The dashboard design follows latest trends with a standalone infotainment panel positioned in the middle and a 2-tone colour scheme for a premium image. The 9-inch full colour display panel provides easy viewing and the system comes with wired/wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay so favourite apps can be connected from a compatible smartphone with ease.

The driver has a full-screen LCD 7-inch Multi Info Display that keeps him or her informed of the vehicle’s operation. With a graphic display, the driver can customise the layout and information prioritisation in up to 4 different presentations. For safer driving, many of the vehicle functions can be operated and adjusted with switched on the steering wheel.

In this age of everyone having portable electronic devices that need to be recharged regularly, there are 3 USB dedicated charging ports around the cabin. A charging pad is also provided for wirelessly charging smartphones with such a capability (Qi 2.4 wireless standard). There are also two 12V ‘cigarette lighter’ sockets for powering other types of devices.

Storage spaces are also plentiful and there are up to 15 drink holders around the cabin. In the boot, besides the cargo area, there is another compartment below the floor for shoes or other items which can be kept out of sight.

The cabin environment is kept cool and comfortable at all times with the Automatic Air Conditioning system. Once the desired temperature is set, cool air circulates around the cabin to maintain the temperature level.

For passengers in the second and third rows, there is a secondary cooling system mounted in the ceiling to bring more cool air towards the rear of the cabin, especially for those in the third row.

As with many other Toyota models, the all-new Veloz comes with advanced safety features to meet Toyota’s ultimate goal of reducing fatalities from traffic accidents to zero. One effective approach is to help the driver to be aware of potentially hazardous situations and also to take action if the driver does not do so in time.

For this, Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) has been developed as a package of advanced driver assistance systems. These active safety systems are integrated for greater effectiveness and increased capabilities.

TSS has four main systems – Pre-Collision System (PCS); Lane Departure Warning (LDW); Lane Departure Prevention (LDP); and Lane Keeping Control (LKC). These four systems use a stereo camera mounted at the top of the windscreen which visually scans the road ahead. The imagery is analyzed by the on-board computer to identify vehicles and pedestrians and risks of an accident are determined.

Toyota Veloz MPV

For PCS, the driver will first be alerted of a possible collision with a vehicle or pedestrian ahead. If no action is taken (eg braking or slowing down), automatic emergency braking (AEB) will take place to stop the car.

This can prevent a collision from taking place or if the distance is too short and contact still occurs, the reduced speed at impact could reduce the severity of damage, lowering repair costs.

The camera also provides the other three systems (LDW, LDP and LKC) with information on road markings so that the vehicle can be kept in its lane. If the vehicle starts to move towards another lane and cross the lines, the driver will be alerted and if action is not taken, a slight force on the steering wheel will direct the vehicle back into its lane.

Apart from making motoring safer, these lane-keeping systems also reduce fatigue as the driver will have reduced workload on long journeys.

Besides the TSS systems, there is also Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), a more advanced form of cruise control where a safe gap can be automatically maintained with a vehicle ahead, regardless of the cruising speed set.

The presence of the vehicle ahead is detected by the camera and the speed will be adjusted to maintain the safe gap (which the driver can adjust). Once there is no vehicle ahead, the system will bring the speed of the all-new Veloz up to the set speed again.

During night driving, maximum illumination to light up the road ahead is important for safety. However, the bright high beams can dazzle other oncoming drivers, so it is necessary to switch to low beams. With the Adaptive Driving Beam function, it helps to distribute light while maintaining in high beam, illuminating surrounding area without directly shining upon oncoming vehicles.

Awareness of the surroundings is important to avoid accidents and the all-new Veloz has three separate systems to help the driver to be aware. The first is a Blindspot Monitor which uses sensors to detect vehicles (including motorcycles) that may be in the blind spot. The driver will be alerted if there is a vehicle and that can help avoid a collision when wanting to change lane.

With the Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, reversing out of a parking bay is safer as the driver can be alerted of approaching vehicles even though he or she may not see them due to obstruction by other vehicles.

The sensors that are used for the Blindspot Monitor also monitor the area on the left and right sides of the vehicle to detect approaching vehicles. If there is a vehicle approaching from either side, the driver will be alerted and can stop or move back into the bay to avoid an accident.

The all-new Veloz also has a Front Departure Alert which will not only be useful for the driver but also benefit others behind. Whenever the vehicle ahead starts to move off (eg when the traffic light turns green), if the driver of the all-new Veloz has not also started moving, an alert will sound. In this way, drivers behind will be less inconvenienced or irritated.

A new feature is the Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) which replaces the traditional mechanical parking brake. This uses a small tab on the centre console which can be lifted with just a finger to engage the parking brake.

Complementing EPB and making starting off on a slope easier, there is also an Automatic Brake Hold feature which can be activated to allow starting off without having to release the brake manually, providing less stress to driver’s foot.

The 3D Panoramic View Monitor (PVM) that comes standard also contributes to safer motoring as it allows the driver to be aware of the situation on all sides of the vehicle.

Besides helping the driver to position the vehicle properly in tight parking spaces with the simulated overhead view, it can also show hazards or small children that might not be visible in the mirrors or below the window level. Various angles can be selected at the touch of a button to provide a closer view.

In common with other Toyota models, the all-new Veloz has very high safety standards. It comes equipped with a number of standard active and passive safety systems. This includes 6 SRS airbags, ABS, Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Traction Control (TRC), and Hill Assist Control (HAC).

Every all-new Veloz comes with a Vehicle Telematics System (VTS) that allows the owner to keep track of the vehicle’s location via an app. The connectivity is 24 hours, and the owner can check on the status of the vehicle, including the speed it is travelling at (if he is not in the vehicle). Should the vehicle be stolen, VTS enables a Command Centre to locate it via GPS signals and inform the relevant authorities who can retrieve the vehicle.

UMW Toyota Motor also provides a front Digital Video Recorder (DVR) as standard and captures video imagery of the road ahead. Developed by Toyota, the DVR is useful not only for recording memories of a journey but also to provide evidence if there is a dispute about an accident.

It is professionally installed by UMW Toyota Motor’s own personnel and can be set to automatically run each time the car is started. Customers can also add the optional rear DVR at the time of purchase.

The all-new Veloz comes with a comprehensive warranty for a period of 5 years with no limit on mileage. Additionally, UMW Toyota Motor offers 24SEVEN Road Assist to owners (private individual and private company ownership) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This complimentary service provides assistance in case of an unfortunate mishap and includes free minor on-the-spot repairs and towing up to the value of RM400 each time (terms and conditions apply).

Full after-sales support is assured at all authorized Toyota service centres nationwide which have trained technicians and ready stocks of replacement parts.

Visit any Toyota dealer to get a close look, feel and test drive of this soon to be segment best seller.

Meanwhile, UMW Toyota Motor has been having a great year with almost all its new vehicles sold out and carrying a long waiting list.

The Camry, Hilux and even Harrier has a 3 to 5 months waiting list and the popular Corolla Cross is keeping many waiting for months.

However, UMW Toyota is not sitting counting their profits, instead they have just launched an all new model to replace the super popular Avanza family 7 seater vehicle which had a sticker price of just RM80k.

Interestingly, it is called Veloz and shares its platform and powertrain with recently launched Perodua Alza.

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