Toyota Land Cruiser 2024 Model Is No Longer Hardcore

Land Cruiser has long been an off-road icon and this new generation continues its legacy

The 2024 Land Cruiser will be built in Toyota Motor Corporation’s Tahara and Hino plants in Japan and arrive in the U.S. in the spring of 2024. First shown in Japan in late 2021, this is the ‘basic’ version which was popular in ASEAN 3 decades ago.

Manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing will start in the mid USD50,000 range (conversion and with duties included might be about RM320k) which will make it unreachable to small time Cameron Highlands vegetable farmers and middle class urban cowboys.

This is a 4×4 Cruiser for Durian ‘lords’ and the urban cowboys Bosses!

Back to its Origin

For decades, Toyota Land Cruiser has been known for its world-renowned capability as the staple of Toyota’s core values of quality, durability, and reliability. When Land Cruiser arrived in the U.S. in the late ’50s, Toyota sold only one unit in its first year.

But then, when the 40 Series arrived, this version became the best-selling Toyota in the U.S. for five years running. These early models featured solid front and rear axles on leaf springs, and the boxy look with a flat roof, short overhangs, and “TOYOTA” grilles became iconic.

Soon after, though, customers wanted a bigger 4×4, and the Land Cruiser grew into larger station wagon models such as the 55, 60 and 70 Series and ultimately lead to where the Land Cruiser left off in ASEAN, the 200 Series, a premium, full-size luxury off-road SUV.

Now, in its return to the global market after many years, Land Cruiser utilizes the global TNGA-F body-on-frame platform.

This new ladder frame allows for more rigidity in the chassis compared to the 200 Series model thanks to the use of high-strength steel with blanking and laser welds.

Land Cruiser

Compared to the outgoing 200 Series, the new Land Cruiser is 4.4 inches narrower and 1.2 inches shorter for more off-road prowess.

Toyota’s North American-based studio CALTY Design Research worked closely with the global development team to establish the design direction for the new Land Cruiser.

The design team used four key terms to lead the development: authentic, reliable, timeless, and professional. The all-new Toyota Land Cruiser is derived from a pure expression of form aligning with function.

For the signature Land Cruiser look, the 1958 grade features the iconic round LED headlights and “TOYOTA” heritage grille, while Land Cruiser grades upgrade to slim, rectangular headlights reminiscent of the FJ62.

A squared body profile resembles that of Land Cruisers of old, and the A pillar is pushed back not only to complement the look, but for better outward visibility on the trails. The front overhang is also decreased for greater approach.

A newly developed double-wishbone front suspension with twin-tube shocks is paired with a multi-link rear suspension with coil springs. To provide improved steering feel and facilitate the incorporation of additional safety and convenience features, Toyota Land Cruiser will feature electric power steering, and all models feature 17-inch disc brakes front and rear. With a trailer hitch standard on all grades, Land Cruisers can tow up to 6,000 pounds.

Land Cruiser

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