Toyota GR Crown Currently Rumoured To Be In The Works

This new hot Crown is said to also feature the first hybrid power plant within the GR range. 

For those wanting a BMW M5 but a bit more Japanese, Toyota might soon be of service. Such is because if the rumours coming out from the Japanese auto giant is to be believed, a hot Gazoo Racing (GR) version of the Crown is currently in the works. 

Now let it be noted at the top here that this rumour is but just that for now, with no photographic or even official word from Toyota of its existence thus far. Whispers within the Japanese automotive circles are nevertheless saying that GR has already been developing this hot Crown for some time now, with apparently a targeted debut date as early as the summer of this year. 

Going back to the M5 comparison meanwhile, it has been suggested that the modifications to the Crown will be as extensive to what GR has performed with the Corolla. So on the chassis front at least, there may be sufficient changes in its suspension and braking components that elevates the handling capabilities of this large Toyota sedan to possibly rival something that gives its hot German benchmarks a run for its money. 

If nothing else, it is at least plausible to think that Toyota would lower the ride height of this jacked-up sedan to make it look the part of a performance saloon. This major aesthetic change will then likely be complemented by a similarly aggressive bodykit as appeared on the GR Corolla to give it a meaner look, which is to then be joined by black wheels and red brake calipers (as seems to be the norm on all GR models). 

As for what will be driving said wheels on the other hand, it is currently reported that this hot Crown will feature a more powerful version of its existing 2.4-litre hybrid heart. And if true, this will be the first time Toyota will be introducing electrification into its GR lineup. 

Unfortunately however, those expecting fiery performance figures from the same people who extracted nearly 300 hp from a boosted triple may be slightly underwhelmed. That is as the floated combined horsepower figure of electrified all-wheel drive powertrain in this hot Crown is only to be a rather lacklustre 375 hp, which is really not all that much more than the current sporty RS variant’s 344 hp. 

Glossing over that slightly disappointing point now, with the Crown being more of a family of cars than just one model, it remains to be seen as to which body style(s) will be given the full GR treatment. What the whispers on the grapevine are currently saying however is that it is likely for the confusingly-named Crown Crossover lifted fastback sedan to be the first model to be massaged by GR, with the SUV-styled Crown Sport to possibly receive the similarly sporty upgrade further down the line. 

Interestingly too, a performance-centric GR trim isn’t the sole rumoured addition to the future Crown Crossover lineup, with potentially more rugged version inspired by the Crown Outdoor Concept showcased in 2023 might also be appearing soon. There has been no word on whether Toyota is planning to make either an amphibious or a flight-capable version just yet however, to properly cover all the bases of what can be done with this large Japanese sedan. 

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