DS 7 CROSSBACK offers unique massage seat technology

Seating technology could make drivers more alert, less anxious and reduce anxiety behind the wheel.

With the post-Christmas blues in full swing, an in-car massage could be the key to improving driver alertness, reducing anxiety and enhancing well-being while navigating the often intensive driving conditions on British roads.

Driver fatigue and distractions are listed as a factor in 20 per cent of road accidents on major UK roads every year *1, yet studies show a chair massage of just 15 minutes is enough to improve driver well-being and better concentration on longer journeys, according to DS Automobiles.

ds-7-crossback-on the road

A third of British drivers admit to being stressed behind the wheel with many blaming the actions of other motorists for increasing their ‘blood pressure’. Tailgating tops the list of anxiety-inducing behaviour followed by bad weather and cyclists *2.

As working hours’ increase, drivers who operate vehicles for long periods of time can experience uncomfortable tension and anxiety on long journeys leading to back and neck pain, poor posture and stress. Massage function combined with air-conditioned ventilated seat technology on the premium SUV – DS 7 CROSSBACK – can help lower the body’s level of cortisol – a hormone released by the body to combat stress – by up to 53% *3.


Available on DS 7 CROSSBACK4, the front seats can be heated, ventilated or set to massage; with five modes available including shoulders, lumbar and wave, and each massage pattern illustrated on the central infotainment screen. It is also possible to select a ‘Comfort setting’ to the car’s suspension that analyses the road surface ahead to dampen and enhance the ride comfort benefitting all occupants.

The technology is part of DS Automobiles’ commitment to providing well-being enhancements; DS 7 CROSSBACK is fitted with comfortable and supportive seats made from high-density foam, and additional comfort features can be selected via the central touchscreen.

The sumptuous DS 7 CROSSBACK includes a range of petrol and diesel choices, with the E-TENSE 4×4 version – a PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) arriving in Q1 2020 with CO2 emissions from 33g/km, combining 300hp and 4×4 with no compromise to occupant or boot space.

Vince Clisham, Head of Product at DS Automobiles UK, said: “It’s evident that driver distraction and fatigue contributes significantly towards the possibility of road accidents on UK roads every year, with modern day driving, especially long journeys and challenging traffic conditions, often leading to feelings of stress and anxiety. DS is committed to ensuring its customers are as safe as possible on the road, and we’re confident our in-car seat massage function will help with this and enhance driver experience.”

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