The China Car Spotting Challenge (Difficulty Level: Easy)

Put your car knowledge to the test by correctly identifying the many interesting cars spotted out in the wild in China. 

Your mission, if you are nerdy enough to take it, is to correctly identify the following 10 cars that were spotted out in the wild in China. 

Every correct guess nets you 1 internet point, but only if you manage to name BOTH the make AND model. The answers to each spot is right below the image, so don’t scroll too far down all at once if you want to properly challenge yourself! 

This current page has the difficulty mode of: Easy, with other levels available being Intermediate and Expert. Leave a comment down below on how many points you scored!

Car #1: 

Hint: The Proton S70’s Chinese counterpart. 

Answer: Geely Emgrand

Fun fact: Unlike the turbocharged 3-pot featured under the hood of the S70 over here, its Chinese equivalent comes with a naturally-aspirated 1.5-litre four cylinder and CVT (or 5-speed manual) pairing instead. 

And yes, next to it is the Chinese equivalent to the Proton X50 — the Geely Binyue.

Car #2: 

Answer: Lynk & Co 03 

Fun fact: This particular example is actually the 03+, which packs under its hood a Volvo-sourced 2.0 litre Drive-E turbo four-pot that outputs 254 PS and 350 Nm of torque. Drive is sent to all four wheels via an 8-speed automatic transmission, with this sports compact capable of the century sprint under 6 seconds.

Car #3:

Answer: Geely Xingyue L

Fun fact: According to Geely themselves, the L in the Xingue L name stands for means Larger, Luxury, and Liberate.

Car #4: 

Answer: GWM Tank 300

Fun fact: This off-roader has proper off-roading credentials, with remarkable 2424 mm of ground clearance as well as front and rear locking differentials. Though more importantly is perhaps the fact that it is earmarked for a Malaysian arrival by the third quarter of this year!

Car #5:

Answer: BYD YangWang U8

Fun fact: This all-electric Defender-esque luxury off-roader packs 1,200 PS from its quad-motored powertrain. It also can perform tank turns, not to mention stay afloat in water for up to 30 minutes too!

Car #6: 

Hint: It ain’t a Passat…

Answer: Volkswagen Magotan

Fun fact: The third-generation Magotan is in essence a stretched B8 Passat that is produced through Volkswagen’s partnership with FAW. There is actually a Passat sold in China too, but this model is to be the North American version, and is funnily enough produced through Volkswagen’s partnership with SAIC. 

Car #7:

Answer: Xiaomi SU7

Fun fact: Over 100,000 orders have been locked-in for this Xiaomi EV in just a little bit more than a month since its official introduction in China, with waiting times for one currently hovering around the 30 week mark.

Car #8: 

Answer: (Changan) Deepal S7 (or S07)

Fun fact: This all-electric crossover is actually for sale right now in Thailand, with it priced from 1,399,000 baht (RM 185,000).

Car #9: 

Answer: Changan CS75 Plus

Fun fact: The hybrid powertrain (dubbed ‘Blue Whale’ by the way) in the more recent iterations of this Changan SUV promises a comprehensive fuel efficiency rating of 1.46 L/100 km and combined driving range of 1,200 km from its 1.5-litre turbo and 110 kW electric motor pairing, in addition to an all-electric driving distance of 150 km and DC fast-charging from its drive batteries.

Car #10:

Answer: Chery Tiggo 9

Fun fact: This particular three-row flagship of the current Tiggo lineup will soon be arriving in Malaysia as the Jaecoo J8.

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