The China Car Spotting Challenge (Difficulty Level: Intermediate)

After the Easy stage, exercise your brain a little more on some slightly more obscure car makes and models. 

Following on from the Easy mode, here are 10 more obscure cars spotted in China for you to identify in this current Intermediate level of this challenge. 

As usual, every correct guess nets you 1 internet point, but only if you manage to name BOTH the make AND model. The answers to each spot is right below the image, so don’t scroll too far down all at once if you want to properly challenge yourself! 

Go ahead and leave a comment down below on how many points you scored too. And if you are feeling very confident, feel free to jump to the Expert level linked here.

Car #1:

Answer: Geely Icon

Fun fact: Among the special editions offered by Geely with this compact crossover in China is the Blue Kite Edition that features a Tiffany Blue exterior and brown plastic cladding with gold detailing, the Burning Love Edition painted in Morandi Grey with Coral Orange accents, as well as a female-focused Chocolate Edition with pink and blue hues.

Car #2:

Answer: Jetour X90

Fun fact: Not to be confused with the Proton X90, this mid-sized Jetour 5- to 7-seat crossover since has had two facelifts after this particular example, with the first and second update adding the ‘Plus’ and ‘Pro’ suffix respectively. 

Car #3:

Answer: Toyota Crown Kluger

Fun fact: The Crown Kluger is based on the North American-spec Highlander XSE, only with the Toyota badge on the front grille and steering wheel swapped for the Crown emblem. 

Car #4: 

Answer: GAC (Trumpchi) GS8

Fun fact: This particular example spotted here is more specifically a GS8 Hybrid, meaning that this brash behemoth actually has a fourth-generation Toyota Hybrid System (THS) under the hood. 

Car #5:

Answer: Nio ET5 (Touring)

Fun fact: This twin motors within this all-electric estate can rocket it to the 100 km/h mark in just 3.9 seconds, with Nio touting a 50 km/h to 110 km/h time of under 2.5 seconds too. 

Car #6: 

Hint: Nah, not a Mazda CX-30.

Answer: Mazda CX-4

Fun fact: The CX-4 was originally manufactured under Mazda’s joint venture with FAW, but only until 2023 where Changan took over. Oh, and there is actually also a Chinese copycat clone of this lifted Mazda 3 that was made by Zotye. 

Car #7: 

Answer: (GWM) Haval Big Dog

Fun fact: The trim names in China for this Big Dog are incidentally also named after dog breeds, starting from the entry ‘Husky’ trim level up to the top ‘German Shepherd’ trim. 

Car #8: 

Hint: It’s a prior iteration of another car on this list

Answer: GAC GS8 (the first generation)

Fun fact: This particular iteration of the GS8 was apparently designed by former Mercedes-Benz designer Fan Zhang, who was part of the team responsible for the third-gen A-Class. 

Car #9:

Answer: XPeng G6

Fun fact: This particular e-crossover is XPeng’s first right hand drive model ever, with rumours of it supposedly set to arrive in Malaysia within the year too. 

Car #10:  

Hint: It’s not a Lexus LM

Answer: GAC (Trumpchi) M8

Fun fact: The flagship Master Edition (like this example seen here) has a 16-speaker sound system by Yamaha, with speakers integrated into its second-row captain chairs. Said seats also has a ‘spa mode’, which when activated automatically recline and commences the massage functionality. 

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