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Tesla Model 3 Used Price in Malaysia FALLS To RM135,000

When the all new Tesla Model 3 arrives what will be the used price then, RM90k?

The many used and almost new Tesla Model 3 cars arrived in Malaysia in the last one year to challenge the fast selling Chinese brand electric cars like the BYD Atto3 and Great Wall Ora Good Cat which are priced just below RM169,999.

Just a year ago the Tesla Model 3 which was being imported from UK and also Australia was priced by PEKEMA members at RM289k to RM310k and it came with a dealers 4 year product warranty.


Right now, importers that are holding too much Model 3 EV stock (most of them were in UK late last year buying up any and all stock to bring into the country using their privileged EV AP to make a handsome profit from Malaysians who are in love with the Tesla brand) are dumping their cars from a low RM140,000 for a slightly used and (even some are new) (unregistered) year 2020 Model 3 EV with less than 1k mileage run in.

Tesla Model 3

This is a RM100,000 plus loss in value in just a few months. So, for early adopters, or Malaysians who wanted to be behind the wheel of a Tesla as fast as possible, how much will YOUR used Tesla be worth in the used car market tomorrow?

Tesla Model 3

We can see another big drop in private import Tesla prices coming later this year, just before Christmas when current owners find out they cannot get after sales and warranty claims from Tesla Malaysia. Stay tuned for prices below the Neta V compact electric car, which is RM90k.

Tesla Model 3

Like the Tesla Model Y, this 6-year-old Model 3 is engineered to combine range, performance, safety and utility. Smart design maximizes interior space, to comfortably fit 5 adults and all of their luggage.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla makes fast cars and the 6-year-old Model 3 is no exception. The high efficiency electric motor provides zero to 100km/h acceleration in less than six seconds.

And when equipped with electric all-wheel drive, this Model 3 EV provides safe and dependable traction in all conditions.

Tesla Model 3

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