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Lancia Beta Coupe Spotted FOR SALE In PJ. Yours For RM 35k!

What more is that this is a RUNNING Lancia for the money, with (apparently) working air-con even!

While it is certainly not all that common a sight to see an Italian car on Malaysian roads, it is perhaps rarer than hens teeth to spot a Lancia. But here is a Lancia Beta Coupe, spotted at the corner car workshop on the road further down from the mosque heading towards 1 Utama, with the internationally recognised for sale symbol of a oil canister on its roof. 

Now a quick word with the workshop later revealed that this classic slice of Italian exotica is indeed for sale, and for the rather tempting price of just RM 35,000. What more is that the workshop alleges that it not only is in “running condition”, but for its air-conditioning to supposedly blow cold too!

Unfortunately however, time constraints had prohibited the confirmation of these two assertions. Having said that, the little time poking around it did nevertheless show for this particular vintage Italian exotic to be a decently solid vehicle. 

Of course now, there are undoubtably a few spots of surface rust on its exterior, but all the trim seems to be there. And its well-worn interior could do with more than a bit of TLC, its not that bad for an Italian car that is touching 50 years old. 

If the badge from the bootlid is anything to go by too, canted 20º rearward under the hood of this Lancia is largest of the Fiat-derived twin-cam four-pots that went into the Beta Coupe. Rated output of this (supposed) 2.0-litre at the time was 117 hp, with said horses being sent through the front wheels via a 5-speed manual transmission. 

And while on the topic of horses, this Beta Coupe is about a quarter way there into becoming a mini Ferrari already. Such is that coming with this particular Lancia is a prancing horse on its aftermarket steering wheel and a totally non-stock set of twin round rear lights, which funnily enough giving this rare Italian exotic a look that is (vaguely) similar to a Ferrari 308.  

This Ferrari comparison though is perhaps doing a disservice to Lancia’s own heritage. One which illustriously includes being the most successful manufacturer in the world of rallying, with a whopping 10 WRC manufacturer titles in its repertoire. 

The Beta Coupe though was unfortunately not one of the cars Lancia took rough-road racing back in the day. A certain Mr J Clarkson did however rectify this in more recent times by driving a dark blue example right across Botswana. 

So for those who won’t or can’t stomach the restoration costs in making this particular Beta Coupe a potential six-figure minter, remove the doors and it is already halfway there to becoming a replica of an iconic Top Gear star car.

Joshua Chin

Automotive journalist. Professional work on and Personal writing found at Instagram: @driveeveryday

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