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This Pristine NA Mazda MX-5 Miata Recently Sold For RM 192,000

This Classic Red Mazda roadster had only 38 miles (61 km) showing on its barely-used odometer. 

For those with around $40,000 (RM 190,000) to spend on an MX-5 in the United States, Mazda will happily sell you a brand-spanking new and fully kitted-out example of its recently updated ND iteration, with there actually being some change to spare from that initial budget too. 

Alternately however, you could have topped up $500 (RM 2,000) more on top of that $40,000 (RM 190,000) sum, and gotten yourself this 34-year old first-generation NA example here, which if the penny hasn’t dropped yet for anyone, recently sold for a whopping $40,500 (RM 192,000), when the hammer finally fell on it on the online auction site Bring A Trailer. 

Perhaps expectedly here, this is indeed currently one of the highest-ever hammer prices for an MX-5 (of any kind) transacted on the popular collector car online auction platform, with it only pipped by a Flyin’ Miata LS3 V8-swapped example. Just to add some more incredulity too regarding its sale price, this NA-generation Mazda roadster would have originally costed $13,800 (RM 65,000) when it was new 34 years ago in the United States, which only equates to $33,310 (RM 156,000) today when adjusted for inflation.

Though there is of course a reason for why this small 1990 Mazda roadster managed to achieve such a large selling price. And that is for its six-digit odometer to only show a rather small reading, of only 38 miles (61 km) to be exact!

Likely the closest thing to an as-new example of an NA MX-5 Miata ever to be found in the world these days, this two-digit milometer Mazda roadster further makes itself appealing to those enthusiasts with deep pockets too by being in the spec that everyone wants. It is after all finished in the iconic Classic Red exterior hue, with a black convertible soft top over black cloth interior. 

The first (of two) owners of this particular Miata has also ticked all the available options to be had with this roadster when it was ordered way back in the 1990, with it hence featuring the very sought-after factory detachable hardtop and limited-slip differential. This generosity with the order form brought along to this Mazda as well a set of 14-inch Daisy alloy wheels, powered windows, air conditioning, a CD/cassette stereo and cruise control. 

Continuing further along within this MX-5 now, its pristine cabin further features an optional four-spoke leather-wrapped steering wheel that frames a 140-mph speedometer and a tachometer that redlines at 7,000 rpm. A redline for which it is expected that this Miata has never even hit once in any of its 5 gears, given that 38 miles (61 km) is barely even a scratch on the initial run-in period.  

Though on the topic of running, the auction listing had noted that Miata has been given a full service in preparation for the sale, which is said to have included cleaning out the fuel system, fluids exchanges, as well replacing the spark plugs along with the fuel pump and injectors. This should therefore see the 1.6-litre naturally-aspirated DOHC inline-four —factory rated at 116 horsepower and 100 lb-ft of torque by the way — still live up to the MX-5 mythos of being a roadster that reliably starts every single time. 

Now as expected for a car that has barely moved in the 34 years since it was made, this roadster was offered for sale with a clean Carfax report and a clean Colorado title. And perhaps as should likely (but still unfortunately) go without saying too, this Mazda will be squirrelled away to some climate-controlled bunker, with there being no intention of seeing that odometer hit 39 miles…

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