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Suzuki’s new Jimny arriving in Malaysia from RM168k

The new Suzuki Jimny is so popular that buyers in Japan are having to wait a few months to pick up their ordered cars and this has been the case since its first showing a year ago. Its retro go-anywhere appeal seems to be very popular and despite its price tag of RM95,000 plus in Japan before local taxes, there is no stopping its appeal in every market introduced.

Malaysia still does not have a Suzuki dealership selling brand new models, not since the previous business closed some years ago. The franchise is still held by the previous brand guardian, DRB-Hicom and we have been hearing rumors that a new ‘players’ are trying their level best to get Suzuki back in Malaysia (this is another article coming soon).

Meanwhile, the interest in the all new Suzuki Jimny has been huge around the world and also Malaysia and this is why a private car importer (AP holder), Hamza Motors has decided to import in 10 units of 2018 Suzuki Jimny’s into the country at a selling price of between RM168,000 to RM198,000 (pending local tax confirmation)

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