Using A Pagani Zonda As A Room Divider In Miami

There are all kinds of rich people around the world and some of them really do not know what to do with their excess wealth. We have seen over-the-top expenditure with cars like buying a Pagani Zonda and when they want to custom their cars and we have seen some ticking all the options available from the factory when ordering their hand made cars. Now comes this somewhat crazy to make but we think it is acceptable in our books.

Here is a story from July 2018 where a USD1.5 million Pagani Zonda was used by its wealthy Argentinian owner as a room divider in his 4,200 square foot USD8.0 million ocean front condominium. Instead of using a dry-wall or a screen to divide his mater bedroom from his living room, he used one of his cars.

Pagani Zonda used a room divider

This is one of just 15 units manufactured and this super rich condominium owner decided it was better to have this supercar INSIDE his USD8 million oceanfront Miami home and not be driven around.

Pagani Zonda used a room divider

Installing the Zonda was another huge undertaking which was done by Artefacto Home Staging who enlisted the help of an exterior high lift crane to hoist the 1,070kg Zonda into the air and through the home’s balcony doors. Once inside, the sports car was rotated into a custom aluminum and carbon fiber stand engineered to give the Zonda an almost ‘flying’ like stance in the room.

Pagani Zonda used a room divider

The placement gives the illusion that the vehicle is floating between the 4,200-square-foot home’s living room and master suite. Artefacto also decorated the rest of the room to suit the finish and design of the Pagani Zonda and it looks more like a Pagani showroom right now.

Pagani Zonda used a room divider

The value of Pagani Zonda moves upwards over time as these cars are very limited and with this unit being housed carefully indoors, the owner might actually be able to sell it in the future with a good profit. The Pagani Zonda with its Mercedes-Benz sourced 750 horsepower engine is able to accelerate from 01-00km/h in just 2.6 seconds with a top speed of 350km/h and is valued today (2020) at more than USD2 million.

PRESS RELEASE: Designed according to the foundations of Pagani’s design philosophy, the Zonda is where art and science meet and it was inspired by everything from Leonardo Da Vinci to Endurance Racing Sports Prototypes. Developed as the ultimate track car, only a handful were built after the car was unveiled in 2009. Using cutting edge F1 and aerospace technology, this 2360 lbs car set another Nürburgring record in 2010 and still holds the Top Gear Dunsfold track record for the fastest road-car derived track vehicle, thanks in part to its 750hp dry-sump AMG V12 engine.



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