Honda ZR-V SUV Launched Just For Japan Only

This is an all new Honda and it is called ZR-V. Yes, it looks like a rival for the Mazda CX-5 and Subaru XV, but we think it is more a rival for the coming influx of Made In China SUV’s.

This latest Honda SUV will slot between the ever popular Honda HR-V and the Honda CR-V and brings with it the best of both worlds between both these cars.

This is because the car is not as high off the ground as a Honda CR-V but not as compact as a Honda HR-V either making it more suitable for a wider audience.

Interestingly, the Honda ZR-V will be a Japan only model for now but hopefully that changes soon as I would love to see this car in other markets as well. This car is also really easy on the eyes both inside and out and features a unique design as far as Honda cars go.

Honda ZR-V

Meanwhile, the all new Honda ZR-V features a pronounced front grille along with sharp headlights, a well proportioned body with just the right amount of contours and lines, 5 twin-spoke wheels and a very attractive list of cool and stylish colours to choose from.

Looks like the interior is more than spacious enough for any occasion as it benefits from Honda philosophy of “man-maximum, machine-minimum,” and it is every bit as luxurious and modern as any Honda cabin from today. The centre console also appears really futuristic as there is no gear shifter but rather buttons to engage gears.

Honda ZR-V

On top of that, the all new Honda ZR-V also comes equipped with a whole host of Honda Sensing safety features such as adaptive cruise control with low speed follow, rear collision mitigation control throttle, road departure mitigation, lane keeping assist, blind spot information system and so much more.

Honda ZR-V

Furthermore, the all new Honda ZR-V also comes with a Bose premium sound system complete with 12 speakers which the Japanese automaker jointly developed with Bose to make it fit optimally in the cabin of the car and provide only the best sound experience enabling all occupants to have a comfortable and fun ride.

For now, the all new Honda ZR-V will be offered in Japan as an e:HEV hybrid model in line with the country’s carbon neutral goals so it will be exciting to see which other markets may get this car and how it will affect the powertrain options in time to come.

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