Smart Hints That It Will Soon Be Expanding To East Malaysia

Borneo EV buyers take note, as smart has hinted that it will soon be expanding over to East Malaysia. 

smart Malaysia has recently announced that on this rare day of February 29th, it has celebrated its 100 days since officially launching locally. And while this startup EV marque has much to say regarding all the things it has done within these past 3+ months, hiding among all that was the hint for the automaker to soon be establishing a presence over in East Malaysia soon. 

Rather unfortunately however, smart Malaysia has yet to reveal where or when exactly it will be setting up shop over in Borneo. Though it has hinted for this upcoming East Malaysian centre to not be too far off in the future, with it also apparently being 1 of 3 new outlets the automaker plans to add to its existing 10 dealership network nationwide. 

What more is that for these new smart owners in Borneo (and elsewhere in Malaysia as well in fact), charging their cars may soon be made even easier, with the automaker reiterating its commitment to further its charging infrastructure and partnerships in response to the increasing demand for EVs nationwide. The automaker has also touted for 70% of charging station data nationwide to already be integrated into its Hello smart app, with it further highlighting its newly-integrated debit or credit card payment functionality making charging payments much easier too. 

Looking ahead, smart Malaysia is further aiming to introduce more events, such as driving experiences for smart owners and enthusiasts, to ‘allow them to experience the driving dynamics of smart #1’. And while there is thus far no official confirmation on future models landing locally, it has previously been rather strongly hinted for the #3 crossover-coupe will be making landfall over here by the end of this year. 

Reflecting on the journey of the past 100 days on the other hand, Zhang Qiang, Chief Executive Officer at smart Malaysia, remarks, “Our progress has been nothing short of remarkable. We’ve maintained a laser focus on prioritising our customers’ needs, ensuring every interaction with our brand is both memorable and positive.”

In its first 100 days, smart Malaysia has hosted the smart Tech Insight Day, an event tailored to existing customers to deepen their understanding of their smart #1 and ownership experience. Covering warranty details, product features, convenient charging ecosystem, and real-life owner stories, this event has set the tone for future engagements aimed at fostering the smart community.

“Innovation and customer-centricity are fundamental to our core values,” adds Zhang Qiang. “As we celebrate this milestone, our commitment to pushing the boundaries of excellence and delivering exceptional products and services to our customers remains unwavering.”

Now interestingly amid all that corporate-speak, it was also revealed by smart for the top-end #1 BRABUS to still be the preferred choice among its customer base. It is nevertheless not hard to see why though, as this rocket ship of an all-electric compact crossover can outrun a Porsche 911 but cost only a fraction of the price.  

Three variants of the smart #1 are currently available locally, with the base Pro trim level priced directly to compete with the Tesla Model 3 at RM 189,000. The higher-tier Premium variant on the other hand comes in at a slightly higher RM 219,000, while the sub-4.0 second BRABUS could be yours for just RM 249,000. 

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