Police Civic In Hot Pursuit Crashes Into Innocent Myvi

The police Honda was giving chase to a Golf GTI that was attempting to flee a roadblock. 

A Honda Civic Mobile Patrol Vehicle (MPV) had recently accidentally crashed into a Perodua Myvi while giving chase to another unrelated vehicle that was attempting to flee a police road block. Occurring around 10.20 p.m. on Tuesday (16th February) at a traffic light junction of Jalan Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah and Jalan Tuanku Abdul Halim, this unfortunate incident resulted in moderate damage to both cars and slight injuries to both parties involved. 

According to Kuala Lumpur Traffic Enforcement and Investigation Department chief Asst Comm Zulkefly Yahya, the police Civic was originally in hot pursuit of a Golf GTI fled from a police road block. The driver of the Volkswagen attempted such an audacious action after being questioned by the police regarding the illegal installation of beacons and siren lights on the hot hatch. 

Unfortunately however, in a case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time, a Perodua Myvi that was driven by a 26-year-old female was turning into a junction at the very same instant the police Civic was in the midst of chasing the German hot hatch. This therefore saw the unfortunate coming together of the police MPV and the Myvi. 

Judging by the pictures of the accident, the police Honda must have been chasing the Golf at a rather high rate of speed when the collision occurred. That is because not only are there significant damage to both cars, but the Myvi has also ended up on the median, which indicates that the force of impact must have been rather large to push the Perodua off the road. 

Fortunately though, it is reported that despite this rather serious accident, both parties managed to walk away with only slight injuries. One of the two police personnel involved in the crash suffered light injuries to his left hand, while the other policeman was uninjured. 

As for the driver of the Myvi, ACP Zulkefly has stated that the woman suffered injuries to the stomach as a result of this accident, and has since been brought to Hospital Kuala Lumpur for treatment. He added that the condition of the woman is currently stable. 

While some may lay blame on both parties involved in this crash, the larger blame could perhaps lie on the driver of the Volkswagen who fled from the roadblock in the first place. Sure the Golf will probably easily outrun the Civic, but if the driver had simply complied with the orders of the police, such an unfortunate incident would not have occurred. 

Alternately, this could be also a case against the installation of illegal modifications on cars. Without those mods, the police will have probably no reason to stop the Golf GTI and will have therefore prevented this accident in the first place. 

So do think about such ramifications the next time you decide to scratch that car modification itch. After all, there are already plenty of modifications that can be done to cars that are well within the confines of the law, why then bother tarting up your pride and joy with something you have to worry about every time you see blue flashing lights? 

Photos courtesy of PDRM.

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