GR Corolla Bumper Grafted On A Perodua Axia Looks Great

GR Corolla body styling could be reworked to fit Perodua cars

Toyota owns Daihatsu, a Japanese car company that specializes in compact vehicles, cars and crossovers and so the possibility of GR parts being used on a Perodua could be a reality.

In addition, Daihatsu is also a part-owner of Perodua. Yes, this unique relationship between the three companies has led to speculation about the possibility of future partnerships, particularly between Perodua and Toyota’s performance and racing division, Gazoo Racing (GR).


If a partnership were to occur between Perodua and GR, it could result in some exciting changes to the Malaysian car market.

For instance, a rendering has been created (full credit to the artist, thank you for the great image) of the latest Perodua Axia with the GR Corolla front bumper (a hot hatchback that was launched here for RM355,000).

This rendering (we wonder who did this) shows just how attractive a collaboration between these two companies could be. The Axia, which is already a popular car in Malaysia, would become even more desirable with the addition of a sporty GR design.

One of the benefits of such a partnership would be the expertise and technology that GR could bring to Perodua. GR is known for its high-performance cars, and its involvement in the design and development of Perodua cars could help to improve their overall performance and make them more appealing to customers.

In addition, the partnership could open up new business opportunities for Perodua, as it would be able to offer sportier and more performance-focused versions of its cars to customers who are looking for something a little different.

Of course, there are also potential challenges to any partnership between Perodua and GR. One issue could be the cost of incorporating GR’s technology and expertise into Perodua’s cars.

This could result in higher prices for customers, which could make the cars less attractive to some buyers. Another potential challenge is the cultural differences between the two companies.

Perodua is a Malaysian company with its own unique identity and way of doing things, while GR is a Japanese brand that operates on a global scale. Finding a way to merge these two cultures successfully could be a difficult task.

Despite these challenges, the potential benefits of a partnership between Perodua and GR are clear. With GR’s expertise and technology, Perodua could produce more attractive, higher-performance cars that would appeal to a wider range of customers.

This could help to grow Perodua’s business in Malaysia and may be even beyond and could lead to exciting new opportunities for both companies in the future.

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