MG5 Sedan Unveiled Ahead Of Beijing Auto Show

A sharp looking sedan offering from the once-British now-Chinese automaker. 

The Beijing Auto Show is set to begin this weekend, but judging from the flood of new car releases, it would seem to have long kicked off already. Perhaps in a bid to gain maximum media attention on its new releases, Chinese auto companies have begun previewing their wares to the media well before the doors are officially open. One of these manufacturers who have done just that is MG with its new MG5 sedan. 

Now MG in its current form might not be a familiar name here in Malaysia, but the Chinese car company have found solid success both in China, and more recently has revived its fortunes in the western world as well, thanks to good sales in Australia and its past homeland of the UK. So there is a slight chance that this might appear on our shores too. In that case, a closer look of this new MG5 should be warranted. 

Starting with the styling, the new MG5 sedan is striking to say the least. Especially in this bright yellow you see here. Looking past the colour though, and the car underneath does bear striking resemblance to other cars (from other makes) already on the road today. Starting from the front, the MG signature front grille design is topped off with what could be the largest MG emblem to date. While the automaker must be proud of their work to have done that, some though have commented that the front end does look like the latest Hyundai Elantra. 

Continuing on with the Hyundai theme, the side profile of the MG5 does also look like a Hyundai Sonata. That said, the chrome trim that runs along the tops of the windows, in addition to the black alloys, do create the illusion of a sleeker side profile than it actually is.

From the back though, the design inspiration seems to have switched from Hyundai to Mercedes instead, as the resemblance of the rear of this MG sedan to the Mercedes C-Class is uncanny. Credit where it is due though, MG has not only decided to be inspired by cars that actually look good, but have also done a competent job to meld these different designs together into one coherent package. 

What is perhaps not as exciting as the exterior design is the powertrains that lie under the sleek hood of the MG5. Two engine options will supposedly be available at launch with this sedan. A 1.5 litre turbocharged four cylinder that makes an adequate 173 hp will probably be the best option, as the other engine choice is a positively anaemic 120 hp 1.5 litre naturally aspirated unit. 

As for the interior, the MG5 sedan features all the creature comforts and technology one could expect for this segment of car. Not much official word yet regarding the full list of features, but judging from the pictures, the MG5 will be available with both a digital instrument cluster and a large central infotainment screen within what looks to be a well-appointed cabin. 

Looking very much in production form already, the new MG5 is expected to hit the local Chinese market in the very near future. What is probably more interesting though is that sources have hinted at MG’s intention to export this to South East Asia too. While the most likely place that the MG5 will go is the Philippines, seeing as MG has begun sales there already. It would not be too surprising to see this iconic name return to Malaysian shores in the foreseeable future. 

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