The Geely Preface Is A Very Handsome Sedan

Geely shows off more pictures of its upcoming sedan. 

As the Geely Preface large sedan edges ever closer to production, the Chinese automaker has been revealing more and more promotional material before its official reveal at the Beijing Auto Show 2020 in a couple of weeks. 

This time, has procured a slew of street photos of the Geely Preface. Letting us have a better look at the car from a more realistic perspective, away from the heavily made-up studio environment. Judging from the pictures, four different colours of the Preface were in the spotlight that day. These were red, grey, silver and white. 

It has to be said that even under natural settings, this new Chinese sedan is a nice looker. Geely’s signature expanding cosmos grille has been swapped out for horizontal bars, but it doesn’t detract from the subtly elegant front end design. Some might call it a bit boring and a bit samey to other sedans, but then again there is nothing wrong with that. 

Down the sides, a chrome trim that surrounds the glass area before extending to the bonnet line adds some visual flair to the subdued side profile. As does the dual-tone multi-spoke alloy wheels. 

Round the back of the Preface, some might mistake it to be an Audi A7-esque fastback at first glance, but this Geely is firmly a sedan with a proper sedan tailgate. A chrome trim that runs along the width of the car helps break up the slightly awkward rear design, while the twin oval tailpipes most likely signify to the 2.0 litre turbocharged engine up front. 

Speaking of the engine, that turbo unit was a Volvo-derived unit mated to a 7 speed dual clutch transmission, pumping out a respectable 190 hp and 300 Nm of torque. Sources say that there will be a smaller 1.5 litre turbocharged unit and perhaps even a 1.5 litre PHEV variant joining the Preface lineup in the near future. 

Underpinning this large sedan is the Geely-Volvo Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) platform that is also found in the Volvo XC40, Polestar 2 and other products within the Geely automotive empire. However as this Preface aims to be the new jewel in Geely’s crown, the interior is anything but compact. With twin 12.3 inch screens for the digital instrument cluster and floating central infotainment display being the finishing touches to what seems to be a well-appointed and positively plush interior. 

The reason why this new Preface should be paid particular attention to by Malaysians is that this upcoming Geely sedan could very well be the next Proton Perdana. That is only if Geely continues the rebadging exercise for Proton in the future. 

Imagine that, this handsome looking sedan being the crown jewel in the revitalised Proton lineup. Saying that though, if this does indeed happen, the question would then turn to whether anyone is still interested in a sedan, when the market trends towards SUVs these days. 

Joshua Chin

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