All-New Land Rover Defender 90 Launched From RM838,800

Defender 90 is the most capable Land Rover for our terrain.

Jaguar Land Rover Malaysia has once again raised the bar for innovation and superior driving experience with the launch of its all-new 2022 Land Rover Defender 90, the all-terrain award-winning model which has been crowned as the most capable Land Rover to date. (below is the original Defender 90)

Defender 90 original

Across seven decades of pioneering innovation, Land Rovers have earned a unique place in the hearts of explorers, humanitarian agencies and adventurous families across the world. Proven in the harshest environments on earth, the new Defender maintains this bloodline. (below is the picture of the all new Defender 90)

Defender 90

Beside the peerless luxury and refinement of the Range Rover family the recently launched 110 was the start for this family of capable and durable 4x4s in the world.

Defender 90

It is now followed by a short wheelbase 90 with all the technology, safety and features from the 110.
Defender 90
The new Land Rover Defender 90 sports a modern and bold design, while maintaining its highly-acclaimed all-terrain capabilities. By popular demand, as seen with the Defender 110, there are two Ingenium engines to choose from, the P300 4-cylinder Petrol or the P400 6-cylinder MHEV Petrol.

Defender 90

The three-door short-wheelbase Defender 90 has a maximum wading depth of 900mm and is also equipped with a twin-speed transfer box, which provides a boost of speed and control to power through challenging conditions such as steep inclines and declines, unpredictable terrain and off-road driving.

In addition, Electronic Air Suspension ensures a comfortable driving experience, with an adjustable height available to suit driving purposes. This includes an access height of 40mm below normal ride height, to an extended height of up to 75mm.

Defender 90

Meanwhile, for extreme off-road conditions and unsteady surfaces, a further extended ride height of 70mm is available, providing exceptional wheel articulation and poise, no matter the demands of the journey.

Complementing this, the Adaptive Dynamics feature allows drivers to fine-tune their driving characteristics. With adaptive dampers evaluating bodily movements up to 500 times per second, Adaptive Dynamics utilises the data to optimise control and comfort instantaneously for the driver.

Land Rover’s next-generation Electronic Vehicle Architecture, dubbed EVA 2.0, underpins the digital revolution, supporting Software-Over-The-Air (SOTA) updates that ensure the Defender 90 will get better with age and enable Land Rover’s fast and intuitive new Pivi Pro infotainment system.

EVA 2.0 consists of a state-of-the-art forward-facing digital camera, advanced ultrasonic sensors and a powerful on-board network which supports a comprehensive suite of driver assistance technologies.

This includes a 3D Surround Camera that provides 360-degree visibility on surrounding areas, off and on-road, for maximum security. The advanced camera system provides enhanced augmented on-screen visualisation when using Wade Sensing and Land Rover’s ClearSight Ground View transparent bonnet technology, to improve visibility.

The Defender 90 is as stylish as it is powerful. Available in five colours, the new model comes with 170 individual accessories, the largest range ever produced for a Land Rover, ensuring that no two Defender vehicles will be the same.

The accessories include the innovative Exterior Side-Mounted Gear Carrier that offers extra space, as well as a new Above and Beyond Collection of outdoor performance equipment and apparel, complementing the driver’s adventures with the Defender 90.

Jeffrey Gan, Managing Director, Retail and Distribution, Sime Darby Motors Malaysia, said, “The Land Rover Defender 90 is celebrated globally for its engineering, technology and design.

With its all-terrain capabilities, we are confident that this powerful and iconic vehicle is well-suited to enhance the driving experience for Malaysians, whether on city streets or off the beaten track.”

Syed Ahmad Muzri Syed Faiz, Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover Malaysia, commented, “This is a model that has been 70 years in the making and consistent innovation has led to this feat.

The Defender 90 is purpose-built for optimum durability and equipped with advanced technologies. With this, customers can embark on both on-road and off-road adventures in first-class comfort and safety, while being prepared for any environment.”

Priced from RM838,800 and RM1,098,800 for P300 and P400 MHEV respectively (with 10% SST and excluding Road Tax, Registration and Insurance).

This new Defender 90 comes with a Land Rover Care programme which includes a five-year warranty, five years’ free service and three years’ roadside assistance. Please visit www.landrover.com.my for more information

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