Toyota Tarts Up Its Crown Crossover To Tackle New Landscapes

This new limited-edition Crown Crossover Landscape nets chunky all-terrains and red mud flaps. 

For those who want to go off-road with a Toyota, there is frankly more choice available than could be counted with both hands. The Japanese automaker after all has in their vast repertoire that spanned from the Land Cruiser to the Hilux, with those wanting to go a bit faster on rough terrain too welcome to do so in their rally-homologated GR Yaris pocket rocket.  

Unfortunately, the one niche that Toyota has not filled is the off-road sedan segment. And while some may wonder why would someone even want something like that, the Japanese automaker has nevertheless since solved this with the recent launch of its Crown Crossover Landscape. 

A special edition of its regular Crown Crossover (which is confusingly a sedan actually), this particular tarted-up Toyota has been jacked up by 25 mm over its standard sibling. This is done in order to squeeze beneath its arches a set of 18-inch two-tone wheels wrapped chunkier all-terrain tires, which incidentally feature contrasting red mud flaps behind them. 

Similarly red too on this Crown Crossover Landscape is a new pair of red rear fog lights bookending its number plate, with it then joined by a standard tow hitch that Toyota claims to be capable in handling 750 kg. As for those who desire more cargo space but could do without a trailer instead, this overland-ready sedan can also be optioned with a dealer-install roof rack as well.  

The Crown Crossover Landscape further blends into its off-roady landscape by coming exclusively in an Urban Khaki dark green hue, topped off with black exterior accents that apparently includes hand-painted matte finish over fenders. Moving inside meanwhile, Toyota has graced this limited-edition sedan with a glossy Black Lustre trim and a laser engraving of the model’s name on the passenger side of its dashboard.

Propelling the Crown Crossover Landscape is to be the sole option of its 2.4-litre electrified turbo Dual Boost Hybrid System powertrain with an electric motor on each axle, which sends 349 PS and 543 Nm of torque to all four of its wheels. In keeping with its outdoorsy ambitions too, standard with this sedan is the cold region specification, which brings with it a windshield de-icer that utilises a millimetre wave snow melting function. 

This limited-edition is currently on sale in its home market, costing ¥6,850,000 (RM 215,000). It remains to be seen if Toyota will be expanding the Landscape edition to its other four variants within the current Crown lineup, which currently encompasses the Crown Sport (crossover), Crown Estate (SUV) and the actual Crown sedan. 

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