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Published on September 7th, 2022 | by Hammer


You Can Now Buy Your Koenigsegg From Wearnes

Wearnes Automotive is well known in Malaysia for selling Bentley and Aston Martin luxury vehicles and now they have added a new luxury brand to their portfolio which is Koenigsegg.

Koenigsegg is well known for their super fast sports cars that have broken speed records and also provided its very limited owners around the world with exclusive hyper-cars that are hand-built to almost perfection.

So if you want to purchase a Koenigsegg CCS850s, you can visit Wearnes and have a chat with them. However, please take note that there is currently a waiting list of more than 24 months to get a new Koenigsegg.

Meanwhile, Bentley, a very close rival to Rolls Royce has been under Wearnes in Malaysia for decades and they have been very successful in making sure Bentley sales remain high and rising year after year.

Then there is Aston Martin, the brand that has worked with Albert R. Broccoli in all his ‘licensed to kill movies’ 007.

Koenigsegg gear shifter

So, luxury supercar brand Koenigsegg signed with Wearnes Automotive late last year after being ‘married’ to the Naza Group back in 2013 under the name Naza Swedish Motor Sdn Bhd. Yes, Koenigsegg has divorced Naza and taken a liking to Wearnes to look after its brand interest in Malaysia.

Koenigsegg meter cluster

Meanwhile, the one and only Koenigsegg Hypercar that was siting in Naza Auto mall for some time was sold recently.

For those of you looking to buy a brand new Koenigsegg in the coming weeks after reading this news, please take note that right now there are NO new orders being taken as there is NO stock and Koenigsegg is not accepting any new orders until next year.

Yes, you will need to ‘park’ your millions somewhere else right now until their orders books re-open. Well, you can talk to Bentley or Aston Martin in the meantime as the DBX707 was just launched for a little under RM1.1 million before taxes and you can order the latest Bentley Flying Spur V8 from the KL city center showroom.

You might be interested to learn that Koenigsegg is not the only hyper car brand under Wearnes as the Singapore office of Wearnes is also looking after RIMAC Automobili and the Volkswagen owned Bugatti. This might also be the case for Wearnes in Malaysia, but they might just be very discreet about this business unit.


Buyers are just a small handful of very wealthy Malaysians (like the Malaysian who bought a Bugatti Divo last year) and so there is really no need to make ‘a lot of noise’ about the brands.

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