Vision Qe Concept Teased As Infiniti’s First All-Electric Model

The full preview of this Infiniti Vision Qe is to be available at the upcoming Japan Mobility Show. 

Infiniti has had a rough few years lately, with this luxury offshoot of Nissan suffering the same recent fate as its parent company. Happily however, there seems to be a wind of change blowing through the premium marque, with the company even previewing what its first all-electric model might look like during the Japan Mobility Show 2023. 

Dubbed the Vision Qe, this concept that Infiniti is set to showcase is apparently to be a precursor to a production EV that is to come a few years down the line. And going by the sole picture that was released by the automaker, Infiniti is looking likely to be taking on the likes of Hyundai’s IONIQ 6 and BMW i4 with its first-ever EV. 

This is after all because the Vision Qe appears to feature a sleek four-door coupe silhouette, with a sloping roof that stretches all the way to its curvaceous rear. This curvaceous rear meanwhile has been teased to be also prominently feature the brand’s redesigned word mark, which first made its debut during Infiniti’s corporate refresh earlier this June. 

Moving up front on the other hand, a prior teaser had previewed for the Vision Qe to net a rather sleek nose that comes complete with a new backlit three-dimensional Infiniti badge. Though while the backlit badge is a cool design touch, the lineup of piano-key-esque running lights that stretch across the entirety of its front before joining up to its slim LED lights on either side probably takes the cake for fantastical lights on a concept car. 

With this being a teaser for its imminent full debut however, this is unfortunately about all that is currently known about the Vision Qe thus far. Though it is nevertheless safe to say for this Infiniti to be likely based on one of the five platforms that are to underpin 90% of the 35 EVs launching from the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance in the coming years.

In fact, Infiniti’s recent corporate refresh and the upcoming debut of its Vision Qe are all part of its parent company’s revamp and push towards electrification. Nissan is currently planning to have no fewer than 19 new electric vehicles and 27 new electrified models by 2030, with nearly all of its European sales to be electrified in some form by 2026. 

Nissan Ariya

The luxury offshoot of Nissan has on the other hand has teased for ‘several stunning models’ to be announced during the Japan Mobility Show, which starts on the 24th of October. So it will probably be then that we will know what Infiniti is actually planning for the upcoming electrified era. 

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