An IONIQ 5 On Rotiform Aerodisks Screams Cyberpunk Rally Car

The transformation of an IONIQ 5 from an already cool-looking EV to a cyberpunk rally car is just one simple wheel swap away. 

When the Hyundai IONIQ 5 first broke cover back in early 2021, it basically reset the benchmark on how cool an EV can look. With its boxy silhouette topped off by sharp creases and futuristic lights both front and rear, this South Korean crossover really looked like it just came right out of a sci-fi video game. 

And even after nearly three years on from its initial launch, this futuristic aesthetic still continues to turn heads as it silently glides down the street. Sure a Tesla may be arguably the better EV, but much like the Colgate commercials, 9 out of 10 people who saw the IONIQ 5 will agree that it is certainly the more exciting EV to look at. 

Having said that however, there is still nevertheless always room to further amp up that striking visual style. Hyundai for instance has dabbled with doing just that themselves with the N-fied version of IONIQ 5, which brings with it an even more aggressive face and rump courtesy of some functional aero add-ons. 

Though handily for those who currently own an IONIQ 5 already, there really is no need to rush out and trade up to the N variant for a more exciting-looking car. Such is because all that is really needed is instead just a set of Rotiform Aerodisks, to turn this already cyberpunk EV into a bonafide futuristic Lancia Delta Integrale lookalike. 

I mean, just look at it! In this particular white-on-white colour combination (with the black instead of silver exterior trim) especially, the IONIQ 5 leans in hard to the cool clean stormtrooper aesthetic. 

It also doesn’t look half bad in Hyundai’s stock Lucid Blue Pearl hue too, with perhaps faint hints of TRON light cycles coming through from it. 

In fact, the white Aerodisks is still a statement when paired with its most commonly seen grey colour. 

Oh, and apparently according to the r/Ioniq5 subreddit (from where all the photos seen here were originally posted to) these stock Rotiform rims in the standard 19-inch diameters are perfectly weight-rated to handle the heft of these EVs. And in case any Malaysian owners are currently having some ideas in their heads now too, these Aerodisks are currently for purchase through official channels in Malaysia for just RM 650 per piece! 

Do note though that custom Rotiform rims will need to be fitted first in order to then install these Aerodisks onto, and those wheels unfortunately don’t come cheap. But then again, there is always a price to pay for looking nice…

And just playing the devil’s advocate here too, while you’re already buying the rally-style wheels, why not just rally-fy the whole car while you’re at it? Because doesn’t this just look ace?

Joshua Chin

Automotive journalist. Professional work on and Personal writing found at Instagram: @driveeveryday

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