GCG Asia Has EV Battery Production Plans in Malaysia

Details on this EV battery facility investment by Go Charge Go is skint at present though. 

Go Charge Go Asia (GCG Asia) Malaysia has recently announced that it is planning to expand into the EV battery production sector, with the big news of a scheduled investment in EV battery manufacturing facilities over here in Malaysia. 

According to the founder and CEO of GCG Asia Malaysia, Alice Tan, the intention of moving into the field EV battery manufacturing comes amidst the rising popularity and affordability of electric vehicles in recent time. Without wanting to beat around the bush any longer however, it is highly unlikely that any of these grand electrification plans will be coming into fruition any time soon. 

That is because despite the admirable intentions of GCG Asia Malaysia to participate in this electrified future, the press release below — which I urge anyone to read for a masterclass in fluff — simply has no concrete roadmap to make it happen. In fact, the only morsel of concrete information amidst the fluff with regards to all this is their planned ‘involvement in the manufacturing of EV batteries in the second half of 2021’. 

Now in all honesty, GCG Asia does also have something else in store alongside that vague-as-can-be investment intention. Though it is not that much better, as their other plan involves the launching of ‘a social media campaign to raise awareness on the importance of environment conservation’ by using platforms such as Twitter and (rather interestingly) Reddit.

No, that is not a joke. Yes, it does feel like someone is trying to desperately look as if they’re doing something by nicking an idea straight out of a primary school essay. And it shouldn’t be necessary to point out that the reasons Malaysians don’t all use EVs isn’t because we simply aren’t aware of ‘the importance of environment conservation’, but more due to the woeful charging infrastructure and exorbitantly high cost of entry. 

Just as a final kicker too, there really isn’t all that much information out there on Go Charge Go Asia Malaysia themselves. The only other mention of them existing is similar news articles regarding this exact topic, despite claims by them as being a ‘long-time original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and trader that has been supplying parts to all major assemblers in the region’. And it really doesn’t help matters that when googling GCG Asia, the first results are news about a financial scam company.  

For the sake of the Malaysian auto industry, it would be fantastic if Go Charge Go Asia Malaysia does eventually start churning out EV batteries locally. We need all the help we can get after all, having fallen badly behind in the EV race, even in comparison to our other South East Asian neighbours. 

Given the limited information on hand right now however, it does look more than likely that this is yet another one of those vapourware EV projects that falsely promises to kickstart Malaysia’s EV ambitions. So to those over here looking forward to an electrified future then, it might better to just save up and get yourself (what could be) a locally-assembled Porsche Taycan. 

PRESS RELEASE: Go Charge Go Asia (GCG Asia) Malaysia, a leading auto parts supplier, announced today that it is expanding into EV battery manufacturing to provide automakers and assemblers in Southeast Asia with a sustainable local supply. The expansion was marked by a scheduled investment in EV battery factories in Malaysia.

The official announcement that was made by Alice Tan, CEO and Founder of GCG Asia Malaysia comes after a report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance which noted that electric vehicles will become more affordable within the next five to seven years.

“Electric vehicles have become a significant discussion in the past few years and attracted a lot of attention from the public. The automotive industry has a duty to ensure the sustainability of new innovative technologies which is why it is necessary for GCG Asia Malaysia to prepare for the introduction of such technologies into the Southeast Asian market,” said Alice Tan, CEO and Founder of GCG Asia Malaysia, stressing the importance of preparing the Malaysian market for electrical vehicles.

By investing in EV battery manufacturing, the company aims to ensure the sustainability of EV batteries for years to come. In turn, this will allow GCG Asia to develop a firm hold on emerging production technologies in order to compete in an ever-changing landscape on a global scale.

Undoubtedly, electric vehicles act as a sustainable alternative to the typical combustion engine. In line with that, GCG Asia Malaysia hopes that their involvement in the manufacturing of EV batteries in the second half of 2021 will play a role in enhancing Malaysia’s focus on policies and efforts to promote a conducive environment for green vehicles, eventually transforming itself into the green and guardian capital of Asia.

Besides being the core component used to generate power in electrical vehicles, EV batteries have been proven to provide various benefits such as the elimination of noise pollution, the production of fewer particulates, cleaner CO2 emission as well as, and zero tailpipe emissions. Therefore, GCG Asia Malaysia would like to take on the responsibility of making sure that the manufacturing and distribution of such an essential component are readily available for everyone.

Being a long-time original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and trader that has been supplying parts to all major assemblers in the region, GCG Asia Malaysia is deeply integrated in the regional auto supply chain. Determined to move up the value chain in Malaysia’s automotive industry, the company has been operating in a more technologically advanced manner by eliminating traditional manufacturing processes and mechanisms that transportation heavily relies on in auto parts trading.

Moving forward, GCG Asia Malaysia plans to launch a social media campaign to raise awareness on the importance of environment conservation by using platforms such as Reddit and Twitter. The company wishes to encourage the general public to adopt electrical vehicles as a mode of transportation as part of their mission to promote eco-friendly technologies in the region while simultaneously providing the best customer service experience to their clients and consumers in an attempt to gain the public’s support.

GCG Asia Malaysia’s expansion into the supply of EV batteries comes as no surprise, as many automotive brands around the world have been seen to make a steady move towards electrification. This is due to the realisation that EV batteries have the ability to act as an alternative energy resource for transportation. With the automotive industry being a competitive field, this expansion could potentially provide more jobs due to the sheer number of resources needed to execute challenging tasks such as manufacturing automotive components. 

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