Two Dead As Daihatsu Charade Crumples In Major Crash

The driver of the Charade is believed to have lost control before colliding with the Waja. 

A head-on collision between a Daihatsu Charade and Proton Waja has reportedly led to the deaths of two people, while another sustained serious injuries. This accident occurred on Jalan Hutan Percha, Melaka bound towards Tampin yesterday morning (5th October). 

Both occupants in the Daihatsu Charade, driver Fikry Effendi Ahmad Razali and passenger Nurul Shamira Mohd Rajuna, perished at the scene of the accident. The driver of the Proton Waja, Zainal Nordin, meanwhile sustained injuries to his leg. The deceased and injured parties were all taken to the Alor Gajah Hospital. 

According to Alor Gajah District Police Chief, Superintendent Arshad Abu, the driver of the Charade allegedly lost control of the vehicle through a corner. Thus inadvertently straying to the opposite side of the road before colliding with the Proton Waja, that was coming in the opposite direction. 

All three victims of the accident were apparently trapped within their respective vehicles. Requiring the assistance of the fire and rescue department to be extricated from the wreckage. 

This incident is currently being investigated under Section 41 (1) Road Transport Act 1987. The police chief goes on to add that weather is not a factor in this accident as the conditions were fair during the time of the accident. 

Judging from the pictures of the crash, the Waja impacted the Charade on its left side, effectively T-boning the Daihatsu. The force of the impact must also be of some magnitude. Not only is the entire left side of the car crumpled inwards by several inches, severely intruding on the passenger cell; looking at the damage on the other side, the B-pillar of the Charade can be observed be missing entirely. 

The roof of the Daihatsu hatchback has also crumpled like a piece of waste paper. Not to mention the fact that the wheel is bent at a 45º angle. There is not a straight panel on the Charade, and all the glass around the car has also been shattered due to the impact. 

As for the Waja, most of the damage has been limited to the front end of the vehicle, with the passenger cell being mostly intact. Both airbags have also gone off within the car. 

Two lessons can hopefully be taken away from this accident. The first being perhaps be more careful on the road. That said, accidents do happen regardless of precaution hence neatly bringing us to the second point. Which is that a vehicle’s safety features should be near the top of one’s priority when considering the next car purchase. 

Granted, not everyone has the ability to purchase a new car with all the latest active and passive safety features. However, even when shopping on the used market, it is prudent to pay closer attention to the safety aspect of your prospective motor. 

Joshua Chin

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