Jaguar E-Pace Exhibits Strong Body Shell In Rollover Crash

A Jaguar E-Pace SUV came out relatively intact even after suffering a multiple rollover accident. 

Pictures have been circulating on the internet regarding a Jaguar E-Pace that has appeared to suffer a multiple rollover accident. 

Judging from the French plates and the Arc de Triomphe dealer decal on the rear of this top-spec P250 AWD compact Jag SUV, this accident may very well happen somewhere in France. 

The result of this rollover incident is not pretty. Initial observations easily conclude that there is not a straight panel in sight on this black Jag.  All airbags, including the side curtain airbags, have gone off. The windows and panoramic glass roof has shattered, showering glass everywhere. Even the section of roof above where the driver’s head should be has been buckled due to the force of the roll. 

On closer inspection though, things aren’t nearly as bad as they seem. For starters, the passenger shell remains mostly intact and all four doors still retain (most of) their original shape. The roof may have been misshapen but judging by the intact passenger cell, there is a high likelihood that the occupants managed to walk away from this horrific incident, and possibly with only minor injuries. Partly the reason as to why the E-Pace has 5 star Euro NCAP safety rating. 

Thus far, no official report on this accident has been made public at time of writing. That being said, with no crash damage to the front and rear, it rules out the possibility of this compact Jag being hit from the front or the back. A greater amount of damage on the left side of the vehicle leads to the educated hypothesis that this Jag SUV could be T-boned from the left side, thus causing the rollover. However, this is still purely an educated guess. 

This incident raises an interesting point regarding the increased rollover risk of SUVs though. An inherent higher centre of gravity in these SUVs due to buyers demanding that raised driving position will inevitably make these vehicles more prone to these sorts of tumbles. 

Sure, technology has improved immensely since the days of the earliest on-road off-roaders which handled like a boat on rough seas, with new anti-roll technology and car-like handling prevalent in most of these tall SUVs. That being said, physics can’t be fooled that easily. 

One good example of this is how SUVs are still more likely to fail the infamous elk test, an emergency evasion manoeuvre that imitates a driver swerving to avoid an obstacle at driving speeds. High-riding cars usually fare much worse in this test, a tradeoff for a more commanding view of the road I suppose. 

As for the fate of this Jag, it is safe to say that it will be deemed as a total loss. Used only to be picked apart for spares before being mercilessly turned into a cube by the jaws of the crusher. 

Joshua Chin

Automotive journalist. Professional work on and Personal writing found at Instagram: @driveeveryday

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