Johor’s Largest Mercedes-Benz Dealership Fully Reimagined

Experience a new Mercedes-Benz brand presence at Cycle & Carriage Johor Bahru Autohaus. 

For Johoreans seeking an even more premium Mercedes-Benz ownership experience, there is has recently been some good news in that department as Cycle & Carriage has just reopened the fully refurbished doors to its Johor Bahru Autohaus outlet. 

Located along Jalan Skudai in Tampoi, this ‘largest autohaus in the southern region’ of Malaysia is now the third dealership locally to incorporate the new ‘Mercedes-Benz Brand Presence’. First making its local debut in late 2019 with the refurbished Cycle & Carriage outlet in Mutiara Damansara, this new retail corporate identity aims to offer Mercedes-Benz owners, both prospective and current, a more luxurious ‘automotive retail experience that puts the customer first’. 

Starting with the prospective Benz buyers first, each customer that walks through the redesigned front entrance of the Cycle & Carriage Johor Bahru Autohaus will be warmly welcomed with ‘a personal touch of hospitality by a Star Assistant’. Continuing further into the showroom area, the newly reworked open space now incorporates custom daylight-emitting spotlights that enables the cars on display to literally shine as if in the sun. 

That however is far from the only tech highlight over in the showroom, as various digital tools have been added to further enhance the Mercedes-Benz retail experience. To those who prefer to deal with people rather than screens meanwhile, there are a variety of open, semi-private and even private discussion areas located within the dealership where further individual consultation can take place. 

When these consultations eventually lead to the delivery of a brand new Mercedes-Benz, excited new owners will be able to experience a ‘personal and memorable’ handover process. All of which is courtesy of the new vehicle delivery room that is designed around a ‘black box concept’, with various media displays and an acoustic sound system which enables personalised settings as the vehicle is introduced. 

As for those who are further down the line with their three-pointed star ownership experience on the other hand, they may perhaps be more interested in Cycle & Carriage Johor Bahru Autohaus’ well-stocked hospitality lounge. A full revamp with new open-concept interior design and coming complete with a merchandise area stuffed full of Mercedes-Benz memorabilia, this new waiting area aims to make waiting for one’s three-pointed star to be serviced a nicer experience than ever. 

Current customers however may not even have to fully utilise this new open-concept waiting space, thanks to the Drop & Go and Door-to-Door servicing options that are currently offered. Equipped with 35 work bays and the ability to service 850 cars a month, another interesting aftersales factoid about the Cycle & Carriage Johor Bahru Autohaus is that it is still currently the only accredited and authorised Mercedes-Benz Certified Body & Paint Centre in the southern region of Malaysia. 

To those who wish to pay a visit to this newly enhanced Cycle & Carriage Johor Bahru Autohaus, it is is located at No. 102, Batu 5 1/2, Jalan Skudai, Tampoi, 81200 Johor Bahru. Appointments can be made by calling 1800-22-8000.

PRESS RELEASE: Cycle & Carriage, together with Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, officially unveils the newly upgraded Johor Bahru Autohaus. Enhanced with the new Mercedes-Benz Brand Presence, the Cycle & Carriage Johor Bahru Autohaus embraces customer-centricity, offering a luxurious automotive retail experience that puts the customer first. This launch marks another milestone for the leading Mercedes-Benz dealer in Malaysia as part of its continuous effort in delivering exceptional journeys to fans and customers alike.

“For more than 26 years, Cycle & Carriage have brought the Mercedes-Benz brand and experience to the southern region through our Johor Bahru Autohaus. Today, we unveil the latest manifestation of the Mercedes-Benz’s definition of luxury and all its accoutrements. This milestone could not have happened without the outstanding support from our partner, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, and our remarkable team here. We are honoured to continue being entrusted to complement every vehicle bearing the world-renowned three-pointed star with our Cycle & Carriage brand of exceptional service to our customers,” says Mr. Wilfrid Foo, the CEO of Cycle & Carriage.

Speaking at the launch, Dr Claus Weidner, President & CEO of Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, said, “The future of automotive retail represented here is a concept that weaves the key elements of our design philosophy – sensual purity and spaciousness; it is more than just architecture. It creates an experience that seamlessly blends simplicity and craftsmanship that are unique to the brand.”

Cycle & Carriage Johor Bahru is the largest autohaus in the southern region, with a built-up area measuring a massive 142,000 square feet over a land area of 224,000 square feet. The Autohaus is meticulously developed with state-of-the-art technology and presents a contemporary retail experience that addresses the customer’s individual needs.

As you enter, a completely redesigned entrance acts as an experiential gateway into the world of Mercedes-Benz where every customer is welcomed with a personal touch of hospitality by a Star Assistant. Customers are then invited to explore freely and fully immerse themselves in a journey across various touchpoints supported by digital tools and the latest in multimedia. This new retail experience allows for more face-time interactions between customers and the service team for a deeper discovery into the brand, and gives customers a unique experience of luxury, transforming it from a point of sales to a point of experience.

Designed with a large open space and supplemented with custom daylight-emitting spotlights allows the customer to experience the true colours of the cars, all intentionally arranged in an arc to maximise visibility of every model displayed. Various seating and discussion locations in open, semi-private or private areas help facilitate individual consultations, whether it’s for sales or service. Complete with a well-stocked hospitality lounge and a merchandise area, the Cycle & Carriage Johor Bahru Autohaus is truly an experience of luxury without compromise.

Even beginning the journey of owning a Mercedes-Benz is an experience of its own. Designed as a “black box” concept, the vehicle delivery room enables an experience-oriented journey of the handover process that is personal and memorable. The experience provides the spark that seeds the beginning of a new relationship as the new Mercedes-Benz vehicle is unveiled to its new owner for the first time.

Apart from the enhanced showroom, the Cycle & Carriage Johor Bahru Autohaus is also home to the only accredited and authorised Mercedes-Benz Certified Body & Paint Centre in the Southern region, equipped with the latest automotive innovation and technologies, as well as expertise to conduct structural repairs on Mercedes-Benz vehicles while upholding global safety standards to provide customers with peace of mind. With the ability to service 850 cars a month from 35 work bays, coupled with their Drop & Go and Door-to-Door servicing, customers can expect convenience and quick turnaround time in getting their Mercedes-Benz serviced.

“With three upgraded autohaus and a fourth one by the end of the year, we believe our customers will appreciate the luxurious experience, advancements and services that contribute to our guiding promise of providing an exceptional journey for all current and future Mercedes-Benz owners,” continued Wilfrid Foo, CEO of Cycle & Carriage.

The newly enhanced Cycle & Carriage Johor Bahru Autohaus is located at No. 102, Batu 5 1/2, Jalan Skudai, Tampoi, 81200 Johor Bahru. For appointments, please call 1800-22-8000.

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