Tesla Compact Electric Vehicle In Coming To Market

Tesla needs to bring a smaller electric vehicle to showrooms to rival Chinese made EV brands.

For those who have been following Tesla recently, then you already know the brand has been planning a new next-generation platform for its electric vehicles (EVs) and that the first such vehicle to ride on this new platform would be none other than a crossover.

Tesla sedan

Moreover, with the Tesla Model Y being the brand’s best selling model, it would only make sense that a new vehicle would be based on this car. Now in a cheaper and more compact body, many more customers will be lining up to get a piece of the most popular Tesla model.

We have already established that Tesla is working on a smaller, next generation platform for its EVs based on the Model 3 and Model Y which would cost much less to produce and it appears that we will now be able to see these smaller and more affordable EVs sooner rather than later.

Add to that, the fact that Tesla has new factories in China and Mexico, and you have a recipe for success. These more affordable and smaller EVs will also be built in the Tesla giga-factory in Mexico which the automaker plans to build in record time which is sure to be a very worthwhile investment if these cheaper EVs sell well.

On top of that, while Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, has already mentioned things like the “USD25,000 EV” (which we have also covered before) and mentioned new platforms as well as a new cheaper platform and so on, there has been no official confirmation about any of this for now.

All this is in line with the plan that Tesla has to build 4 million affordable entry-level EVs every year and we have also covered that before as well. All this just means that Tesla is finally pulling itself out from the slippery slope it was forced into over the past 2 years and I am excited to see if the brand succeeds now.

So now that Tesla has already been confirmed to enter the Malaysian market, would you prefer to see more affordable and smaller options for these EVs or do you prefer the originals? I for one just hope the new platform cars are not as problematic as its predecessor.

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