Could Chery Soon To Be Launching A Pickup Truck?

An unassuming product preview slide hints for Chery to potentially be launching a pickup soon. 

During the 2024 Chery International Business Conference event recently, Chery had provided a preview into the upcoming models that it plans to launch. And while much of these future products were of the SUV variety, on the slide too was a hint for the Chinese automaker to potentially be launching a pickup truck. 

Now unfortunately, the extent of official details regarding this upcoming potential pickup is thus far limited to this one slide shown. Though from that particular slide at least, it would appear for this future Chery truck to come with some rather comprehensive propulsion options, which from a full ICE to PHEV and BEV. 

Going by the slide too, it would seem that this upcoming pickup will be sold as a Chery under its new M-series set of models. This set will include a 7-seat SUV and MPV, with both to also be featuring a similarly comprehensive set of propulsion options. 

It currently remains to be seen on whether all vehicles in this new M-series will be going down the Toyota Innova and Hilux route of sharing a common platform, which in turn would see for Chery to potentially be entering the rather small niche of body-on-frame MPVs (or perhaps a monocoque shell pickup). It is also thus far an unknown quantity as to whether the ICE mentioned will be petrol or diesel, not to mention too any official mention of what size segment will this potential pickup be entering.  

If the rumours on the ground are to be believed however, this particular pickup will be gunning for the Isuzu D-Max and Toyota Hilux segment when/if it eventually arrives. Though perhaps more intriguing whisper on the grapevine regarding this truck is for it to also supposedly be a spearhead for a whole family of Chery trucks in the further future, with the Chinese automaker aiming to apparently offer an answer to everything from the compact Ford Maverick to the full-sized F-150. 

Just for those who are perhaps unaware too, this proposed pickup isn’t actually to be the first time Chery will be building a truck. Such is because the Chinese automaker has actually sold some already under its Karry sub-brand… but these were all either reverse-engineered Isuzu Fasters or Suzuki Carry kei trucks. 

And just to wrap up some unfinished business left on the slide meanwhile, Chery is set to also be launching a new Tiggo 3 and Tiggo 5 to pad out its Tiggo family, as well as a supposed new J9 as a flagship for its Jaecoo sub-brand. Details on these three new models are as usual still skint for now, but the slide does point to both Tiggo models potentially being the replacements for the outgoing Tiggo 2 Ativa-sized compact crossover and Tiggo 4 WR-V rival respectively. 

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