Jaecoo Malaysia Adopts “From Classic, Beyond Classic” Tagline

This new brand slogan has been introduced ahead of Jaecoo’s imminent local arrival next year. 

Jaecoo has certainly been hard at work making its presence known in Malaysia lately, ahead of its imminent local launch next year. Such is as not long after it has announced for two units of its J7 SUV has arrived over here for pre-sale testing, the subsidiary of Chery has now since also proudly introduced its new “From Classic, Beyond Classic” brand tagline. 

Now while not exactly as evocative as Audi’s “Vosprung Durch Technik” or Honda’s “The Power of Dreams” — or to be frank even make any sense at all from a purely English language standpoint, because what really is “From Classic, Beyond Classic” — Jaecoo nevertheless believes that its new J7 perfectly embodies this newly-introduced brand philosophy. And while at this point it was perhaps prudent to summarise the newly released information regarding this soon-to-be-arriving SUV, it would however be a waste not to put on full display the amount of effort that the Chinese automaker’s marketing team has put into trying to explain its way around this new slogan in its press release. So without further ado, please enjoy…

“From Classic” – JAECOO Aligns with Traditional Excellence

In today’s competitive off-road market, resting on past achievements is no longer sufficient. JAECOO, although new to this segment, benefits from its parent company’s extensive experience in automobile manufacturing, which provides a solid foundation in R&D, manufacturing, and operations. This solidifies JAECOO’s industrial foundation, enhancing its advanced capabilities in research and development, manufacturing, and operations for the J7, which features the innovative All Road Drive Intelligent System (ARDIS) for superior performance across various terrains. Prioritizing safety, JAECOO ensures that all its models meet global five-star safety standards, incorporating an energy-absorbing cage body, high-strength steel, and advanced ADAS systems to offer comprehensive protection for passengers and drivers.

“Beyond Classic” – JAECOO Adopts Cutting-edge Intelligence

JAECOO’s approach to intelligent technology, embodied in its “Beyond Classic” philosophy, is highlighted in its advanced features. All models are equipped with the cutting- edge 7 nm Qualcomm 8155 chip, which provides remarkable computing power and responsiveness, including a 2-second boot-up time and the ability to process over 20 commands in 30 seconds. This technological prowess enhances the smart cockpit with rapid response, smooth operation, and equipped with high-speed response capabilities. The J7 model stands out with its 14.8-inch panoramic screen, full LCD dashboard, and innovative W-HUD head-up display, ensuring a user-centric, fluid interaction between the driver and the machine.

The exterior design of the J7 showcases JAECOO’s craftsmanship. Based on well-established manufacturing practice of its parent company and meticulous design by master designers from the UK & Germany, the J7 deeply embodies the aesthetic philosophy of “From Classic, Beyond Classic”. Its straight body lines and robust contours highlight the “From Classic” off-road style and present unparalleled visual impacts. Meanwhile, modern elements like split-type headlights, floating roof design, and hidden door handles represent the “Beyond Classic” aesthetics.

In a fast-evolving off-road market where consumers are focusing more on practical performance and innovation, JAECOO is well-positioned to redefine the off-road SUV experience. By combining exceptional off-road capabilities with cutting-edge innovation, JAECOO aims to become the preferred choice for a new generation of off-road enthusiasts, exploring the endless potential of off-road SUVs.

Now getting back to other associated information regarding the imminent local launch of this new Chinese brand in locally, Jaecoo Malaysia has also recently initiated their dealer recruitment program ahead of its first model introduction next year. Car dealers or investors who are interested can now reach out to their designated network representative for more information, Ms. Mandy Yip, at 013-3666655, email: [email protected].

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