Ford F-150 Nets A Fresh Face And Trick Tailgate For 2024

This perennially popular Ford pickup has been given a mild mid-cycle nip and tuck for the coming year. 

Ford seems to be taking the ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ approach with its latest refresh of its F-150. That is as this mid-cycle facelift is really as mild as they come, though there are still some notable changes that is at least worth highlighting. 

One of the most notable changes for example is to be the newly introduced Pro Access Tailgate. Ford’s long-awaited response to the trick tailgates already offered by the other pickups from RAM and Chevrolet, the system offered by the Blue Oval incorporates a simple swing-out door in the middle of a traditional drop-down gate. 

Available as part of the optional Bed Utility Package on Lariat and Tremor variants while being standard on higher trims, this trick tailgate has three opening increments: 37º, 70º and 100º. Ford quotes for the first opening increment to be shallow enough for users to open and access to the bed even with a trailer attached, which thereby allows access also to the new lockable storage box that has been integrated into the bed behind the passenger wheel.

Another rather notable change with this facelifted Ford pickup is to be its face, as the refreshed F-150 nets an even more boxy look thanks to a set of redesigned headlights with new LED DRL strips forming a C-shape on its corners. The Blue Oval has also for the very first time brought an optional heads-up display and its Stolen Vehicle Services to this pickup, which will complement nicely with the fully-digital 12-inch digital instrument cluster and central infotainment touchscreen that is now since been made standard across the model lineup. 

Speaking of trims meanwhile, Ford has rejigged its variant lineup such that a new Platinum Plus trim now replaces Limited as the flagship trim. The F-150 also loses its base naturally-aspirated 3.3-litre V6 for 2024, while on the other end of the spectrum the 5.2-litre supercharged V8 in the Raptor R will apparently now net over 700 hp with this latest refresh. 

And on the topic of the Raptor, both that and Tremor variants net a new modular front bumper that can be further customised with dealer-installed Ford Performance upgrades like winches or light bars. This refresh also brings a new set of dual-valve Fox shock absorbers and a new Shelter Green exterior hue to the off-road ready Raptor trim. 

Due to the axing of the base engine, the base prices for the 2024 F-150 has seen an increase of over $2,090 (RM 9,800) to $38,565 (RM 181,000). A top-tier fully-optioned Raptor R also sees a modest price bump from this refresh, with those wanting the few more horses that came with this revamp now having to fork out $118,590 (RM 555,000). 

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